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A Successful First Post is the Key to Success on Instagram

If you are only going to become an Instagram blogger, but still considering the subject of your first debut post, the information below is just for you! The initial message posted in the newly created account is very important for the image and future popularity of your Instagram.


1. Where to start

1.1. Something interesting...

1.2. Relations...

1.3. Tourism, travelling, interesting places round the world.

1.4. Other original ideas.

2. Professionalism and qualification.

Where to start

To successfully start your journalistic activity on the social network "Instagram", decide on the thematic focus of your page. This does not have to be a narrowly focused photo blog dedicated to one topic (cosmetics, travel, shopping, books, etc.), you can tell followers about your life, and thoughts you have. It is important to decide on the general type of the future Instagram account, since it is desirable to reflect this information in the very first post.

Instagram photo idea can be focused not only on coverage of a certain topic, it can appear throughout your life. For example, you would like to express your feelings, discuss a movie, respond to the news or a scandalous post on social networks, remember an interesting story from the past - all these will be an excellent occasion to start a new Instagram story, tell about yourself and your feelings.

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Something interesting ...

The best idea for your first Instagram post could be a list of unique stories about the personal experience you’ve had in your life. This could be:

• memoirs (“what happened a year or two ago”, “what it feels like to be a student”, “is it good to work at the factory”, “why cut off smoking”);

• criticism or self-criticism (“what prevents you from living a quality life”, “why there are unhappy and evil people around”);

• describing your experience, analysis of past mistakes (bragging about the merits, friends);

• discussion of hype topics, creation of new memes;

• philosophical, fantastic thoughts;

• discussion of an unexpected issue.


How to get followers on Instagram for free? Just write about your attitude and / or gratitude to the animals, kids (yours or kids in general), teachers, politicians, parents, and other categories of people. In this case, the photos should be consistent with the topic. For example, you decide to tell your followers about your love to pets. In this case, the high-quality and unique images (pictures) of these animals will help your rating grow quickly, because this is a win-win theme.

Tourism, travelling, interesting places round the world

The theme of tourism, your travels and pictures from special places you love is very common. However, this does not mean that the touristic orientation of the first post and subsequent ones is a disadvantageous start. This topic can be covered completely differently by various Instagram bloggers, reflecting their personal attitude and vision of the picturesque places where they live or other beautiful places in the world.

As for traveling by plane, train, car, other users of the social network, information related to obtaining visas, buying food, and carrying luggage may be of interest. After all, it is one thing to get information from the Internet, and it is quite another to verify it first-hand.

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Other original ideas

Do not limit yourself to one idea: if you show your versatile nature in the first post, it will be easier to conduct further successful Instagram activities. You can start with description and picture of your new outfit, photos of devices you use in everyday life or professional activity.

Instagram promotion services are not needed if you start to shock or surprise your audience right away. This can be done by challenging someone, organizing a new challenge, asking readers for their opinion on the scandalous issue, announcing a contest or quiz with good gifts, prizes. Discuss the parable, the quote of a famous person, take a picture of the starting fight or an absurd, extreme, funny or comical situation. Amaze your Instagram viewers with sharing the secrets, an easy attitude to your shortcomings or an interesting viewpoint.

You can be surprised even by taking photos of the banal food theme. In this case, it is important not to take a picture of anything edible, but to show future followers only unique, interesting and unusual dishes from an interesting angle.

Professionalism and qualification

If you are a specialist in any field and you can share your competent opinion, give advice in the sphere of human relationship, activities, this will be a great start for the first post on your Instagram. Do not be afraid to tell everyone about your failures, because it can protect other people from making same mistakes, create a precedent for which you may be grateful.

Teach beginners the secrets of the profession, give a hint that you know a lot of new, unique life hacks, and the theme for the debut post is ready. In this case, we would advise to upload information checked by yourself. For example, it is very interesting and useful to find out about the current prices on products, stationery, other specialized products or services, because they are constantly changing.

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As practice shows, there any topic can be chosen for your Instagram, the main thing is to interest your readers by the first post, telling the very essence of future posts, indicating the circle of your interests or hobbies that will be covered in your account.

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