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A Travel Blog on Instagram

The social network Instagram is the most open platform for communication. There are many fascinating blogs telling about anything in the world. For example, Instagram travel bloggers are very popular. Newbie travelers are looking for information about various tourist destinations, that’s why travel Instagram tips are so popular. Many people think about maintaining a similar profile. Therefore, we’ve decided to collect some useful tips on how to make your travel blog successful and get 10000 followers for Instagram as soon as possible.


1. Finding your niche.

2. Own experience.

3. The financial side or a budget to start.

4. Features of content creation.

5. Conclusion.

Finding your niche

It’s not difficult to keep a classic personal account: shooting successful pictures, coming up with a lot of interesting topics for communication, reading information on how to boost Instagram followers. Once a plan has been outlined, you just need to follow it until you gain popularity.

Travel blog on Instagram is not just a personal page in the ordinary sense of the word. A blogger has the opportunity to share their news with their relatives and friends, but the main direction is to attract the target audience, and become popular. This project needs regular attention, the right approach and financial investments. Especially if a person would like to become not just a successful traveler, but also to justify their "brainchild" commercially.

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Almost every registered user of this platform loves sharing pictures from their vacation, telling about their experiences. But this does not mean that they will become popular and will represent global brands. That's why it is very important to find your personal direction, conquer the audience and work on it.

To do this, you need to choose your style, and style of your travels in particular. For example, gastronomic tourism, budget one, hitchhiking round Asia, the East or family tours in the US. Today there are a lot of opportunities to find your own individual author's style. It is not necessary to use only one direction, you can combine and offer unique content to the audience.

Own experience

The activity of followers is very important. Unfortunately, today it’s not enough just to get a lot of followers and consider yourself a successful travel blogger. For the target audience to participate in the development and life of the profile, it is necessary to get interest of people, to share something interesting with them. In the tourist direction, personal stories, travel experience and the choice of airline tickets, places to visit, life hacks and other similar nuances are in special demand. This information will be used by the followers, because they can help and get the maximum response.

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Each tourist may face the disastrous situations (delay or being late for a plane, loss of documents, money, poor service at a hotel, etc.). Colorful pictures attract viewers, but today there are not many accounts that share the other side of the coin. The naturalness of the story about all the nuances of travel can make a commercial project out of a blog.

Such information can be showed to the followers not only in posts, but also in live streams, stories. Still we would recommend adding useful information in posts, people can save them in bookmarks. Indeed, the larger is the number of saves, the faster and higher will fall the blog into the TOP accounts list of the social network.

The financial side or a budget to start

Many travel bloggers, after gaining popularity, receive exciting rewards for their work, for example, contracts with hotels, travel agencies, “service for service” and much more. To achieve this level, they invest their own funds, starting small. It is not necessary to immediately conquer the expensive resorts, you can look for interesting stories about your country, city. At the same time, plan bigger trips.

To minimize the budget at the start, some well-known bloggers use computer apps, such as VSCO, Photoshop, Facetune, Snapseed. Explore their basic and advanced features, because they not only allow to “travel” to the right place, but also add the author’s zest to real pictures. Without these skills, it’s extremely difficult for people to become famous on Instagram.

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Features of content creation

Traditional pictures of tourists are just portraits against the backdrop of attractions, architecture. They may be impeccable, but there are so many of them on the social networks. So why not break the angle and create an exclusive content? Today, mirrors are especially valuable, make pictures through their reflection or water surface or get an aerial view. Here everything is upon your imagination and creative ideas. The main thing is to offer what you do not see on Instagram too often. Be sure to pay attention to the high-quality performance.

For inspiration and ideas, we recommend to read the information provided in the Pinterest app. There is plenty of visual content here, so everyone can find interesting options of taking pictures, photogenic places and corners of the country they travel to.

Do not forget about using all the features of the social network. With the help of stories, live streams and IGTV, you can conduct online excursions, quests, contests, broadcast or a section devoted to a specific topic. Active communication with the followers in all ways is correct and will benefit to the traveler’s account.


Keeping your personal blog is not easy. For this, you need to create decent content, write useful and interesting information, and touch the fascinating aspects of travel. You can quickly achieve popularity with the help of the promotion services, but without creating a plan, thinking over the content, choosing a niche, this will not be enough. We hope this information will be useful for your travel blog.

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