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About Instagram Influencers

Instagram today is a huge universe whose potential should be put to your advantage. What do we mean? When introducing a new product or service to the market, companies have social networks advertising in their marketing budget. Marketers use popular lifestyle blogs to promote products and increase brand awareness. Who are these powerful people and what do they do? Why are big companies willing to pay for the Instagram posts? How to become an influencer? Let's get it right.


• What are Instagram influencers

• Where to find followers

• How many followers does an influential blogger have?

• How to measure the degree of influence?

• How to gain credibility in social networks?

• Everyone can become an influencer

What are Instagram influencers

An influential blogger is the owner of an account with a large number of active readers. Their recordings are widely discussed and often reposted; other authors and third-party resources refer to them. Such an inspiration blogger can influence the decisions of their followers regarding shopping and travelling, entertainment and lifestyle. It is assumed that such influence is made by the content posted by the Instagram influencer - photos, recommendations, tips and reviews.

Such authors influence the audience loyal to them and, the more followers they have, the more noticeable is their influence on the market as a whole.

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Where to find followers

The first steps are the most difficult. Where to find readers for an author that no one knows? Start with your family, friends and acquaintances, just send them an invitation and they will definitely follow you. Send invitations to everyone from your mailing list and your instant messengers’ contacts. Post a message with the address of your Instagram account on all your pages on social networks.

This is already something, but just a bit compared to how many people read popular blogs. Would you like to speed up your way to the top? Find out how to buy followers on Instagram. This could be very useful at the beginning. Many people know Instpromotion as a convenient service that helps its users to promote social networks.

How many followers does an influential blogger have?

There is no need to be a world celebrity to be considered an influencer. Despite the fact that this is much easier for the public personalities, any Instagram user with a large number of followers and significant indicators of reach can be considered an influential blogger.

Don't look for exact numbers for your audience size or activity. When it comes to influencers, a lot depends on the industry, geography and even on a specific product. Very often, ordinary people with ordinary Instagram accounts become influencers. Thanks to the hard work or accidental luck (for example, creating viral content), they managed to become those whose opinion is important for millions of people.

These people can be very different. Each one has their own niche, reach and story. But one thing is invariable - each influencer is an example to follow for their readers, a living embodiment of a certain lifestyle. This is what makes them the ideal “promoters” of a particular product or brand.

How to measure the degree of influence?

As for measuring of influence, there is one truth, great for bloggers, but infuriating for advertisers. In fact, there is no exact numbers that determine the degree of influence.

Followers, comments, likes are just numbers. The real influence, the true power of authority lies in how much people trust the blogger and whether they are ready to follow their advice. There are popular authors with millions of followers who just read posts. And there are authors with a much smaller number of followers who are able to change the opinion, behavior and decisions of their followers.

The important thing is not how many people read the blogger’s posts, but how likely they are to follow their advice or recommendations.

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How to gain credibility in social networks?

Even if you have just created your first Instagram account, you can become a reputable blogger and earn money on advertising products and promoting brands. To do this, follow our simple tips.

1. Use your uniqueness

What makes you different from other people on the earth? Get ready to show it to everyone! Maybe you can make funny stories? Do you have a rare disease? Or do you understand the language of birds? No difference.

Your goal is to stand out among more than 400 million other Instagram users. Find uniqueness in yourself and focus on it! At first it may seem not very convenient, but it's worth it.

2. Do not be shy

Would you like to become an influencer? Get ready to tell the world about what you’re not even ready to admit to yourself. The greatest success on Instagram today is achieved by someone who “lets their audience to their home”. They write about the ups and downs, about achievements and losses, about all the good and bad situations of their life. Being open, not “playing roles”, but remaining themselves, influencers create a certain social space where people feel comfortable, trust them and communicate with pleasure.

3. No staged shots!

Modern social networks do not tolerate falsehood and acting. Your followers want to see everything you do. Basically, everything you do can become content. Have breakfast in a posh place? Shoot a story. Business meeting with a potential client? Take it on camera and turn into a YouTube video. Have a photo shoot? Share the best pics on Instagram!

4. Choose a style and stick to it

This idea only seems simple. To choose the appearance of your channel and stick to it is not an easy task. A unique and recognizable image of the feed will be the main key to the career of an influencer. By creating a logical and consistent video sequence that directs the audience from one picture to another, you will hold visitors longer and make them look forward to the new posts.

5. Do not save on image quality

On Instagram, like nowhere else, it is very important to have the highest quality images. Brands are looking for the best of the best. It is important for the marketers that their products, services and locations look as attractive as possible. And this means that the high-quality images should be one of your top priorities.

Do not know how to take pictures? Hire a professional. Plan it ahead one month in advance. Think about where and what kind of images you will need, and try to take as many necessary pictures as you can in different places during one day. Or contact photographers from Instagram and offer mutually beneficial cooperation.

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6. Open contact info for sponsorship and collaboration.

Make sure your bio contains the current email. Be prepared to provide statistics of your business account to advertisers. They will be interested in the growth of followers, reach, the number of clicks on the links and monthly traffic.

Everyone can become an influencer

In order to start earning good money on Instagram, there is no need to be a rocket scientist. And the answer to the question “What are the Instagram influencers?” is very simple. In many cases, these are ordinary users who approached the matter creatively, put some effort, spent their time and did not spare their ideas and thoughts. Almost any person can become an authoritative blogger on Instagram. Now you know how to achieve this! Go for it!

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