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Best Ideas for a Lifestyle Blog

Creating a blog is a matter of minutes, it is much more difficult to find new topics for the posts each day. If you want to get among the top lifestyle blogs, you need fascinating articles attracting crowds of readers.

Are you sitting in front of a blank screen again and don’t know what to write about? We’ll offer 7 ideas for fresh, relevant and useful content.


• Article “How to do it”

• Where to find ideas for “How To” article?

• Post - clarification

• Advice “What not to do”

• Discussion post

• Where to find ideas for controversial posts

• Answers to FAQs

• Instructions

• Where to find ideas for leadership

• Where to find ideas for a motivating article

• Inspirational notes

• Summary

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Article “How to do it”

Useful posts that describe how to do something simply and thoroughly bring a ton of search traffic. People search for answers to their questions and find them in your blog posts. Such posts fit into a lifestyle blog on any subject. They are ideal for a blog about fashion and beauty, organically look in the diaries of travelers, suitable for those telling about weddings, personal finances, raising kids - about anything!

Where to find ideas for “How To” article?

Successful posts answer questions that are really interesting for your audience. You can find them in several simple ways.

• Ask readers and they will tell you what they want to know.

• Ask Google. When you search for something on the Internet, the search results display questions on the topics that interest you. Reply to them in the blog.

• Browse through your previous entries. What are readers asking about? Make it the subject of the next post.

• See what other lifestyle bloggers are writing about. Probably they publish “How To” articles. What topic could you cover better?

The examples of successful “How to do it” articles:

• How to create an amazing look without new purchases: 8 women share their secrets

• 13 secrets of the best holidays in Miami

• How to do eye makeup

• Where to buy followers for Instagram

We’ve mentioned examples from absolutely different niches on purpose. You can write a “How To” article on any topic. It does not have to contain the words “How to” in the title. What do you think about the following options?

• 8 tips ...

• 12 secrets ...

• 9 tricks ..

• Unknown chips ...

• Useful knowledge about ...

Post - clarification

Long blog posts with detailed coverage of a topic interesting for users bring good traffic. You take the actual problem and break it into small questions. Then you respond in detail to each of them so that the complex topic becomes clear.

Detailed explanations of topics published on time work well in the search. People are looking for information about what excites them here and now. In fact, you steal readers from the news sites. Not only that, your post will attract traffic year by year if you update it with the new information.

Where to find ideas for explanatory articles:

• Start from analyzing your blog. What key phrases drive traffic? Feel free to take one of them and explain it as detailed as possible.

• Ask yourself, “What do I know best?” And then turn your knowledge into an informative article.

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Advice “What not to do”

The topic for an article in the style of “Take It Off Immediately” could be scientific discoveries or little-known facts. Your task is to tell readers about what they do not know and make them draw conclusions. What is not very healthy? What tips should not be followed? etc.

Where to find ideas for warning articles?

• Take any misconception and write the truth.

• If your niche has a deceptive trend, talk about it.

• Do you have insider information? Find a way to talk about it.

Discussion post

Experienced journalists are well aware that controversial articles are of great interest to the readers. They comment a lot willingly.

Not sure how to write a post to raise a discussion? Tell about your favorite way to do something. It always works, especially if your preferences do not coincide with the majority opinion. It is even better to express a firm position on a topic that has already split society. Such post will certainly collect a lot of critical comments, and even provoke a heated discussion.

Where to find ideas for controversial posts

Some topics are controversial in nature. For example, any articles about religion and politics are clearly debatable, no matter how neatly they are written.

Cannot find controversial points? Use Reddit. Go to the subreddit on your subject. Sort the entries by the post date and select the controversial option. You will be surprised how many things there cause heated debate.

Answers to FAQs

Ask readers. Search in Google or Yandex. Reread comments on your posts. Browse analytics and rewrite the keys people use to find your blog.


All sorts of guides and recommendations fit perfectly into life style blogs on almost any topic. Whether you write about fashion or beauty, cooking or traveling, weddings or parenting, you can easily find an unlimited number of useful topics.

Instructions are long and detailed publications. Start from choosing keywords. Study similar articles from competitors. Get ready to write 2,000 to 5,000 words.

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Where to find ideas for leadership

The simplest solution is to write about what you know so well that you could teach others.

If you do not know any of the topics deeply enough, or have already written about everything that you know yourself, we’ll share an idea. Find a popular community on social topics in the social networks. Choose their best posts. Use the ideas from the comments and the answers to them. Add details. For example, based on the Facebook group’s name and posts, “Travel Blogger Community,” you can write “A Comprehensive Travel Blog Marketing Guide.”

Inspirational notes

People love reading stories from life. Such content is great for Life-style blogs. Tell about your victories, not being afraid to look boasting.

Where to find ideas for a motivating article

Look for them in your own life. Remember your achievements. What cool things did you manage to do? What obstacles did you overcome? Today it’s trendy to talk about blog revenue. Not everyone thinks it is appropriate to write about how much money the blog brings, but these entries are certainly supported by the newbie bloggers.

Inspirational posts tell the first-hand stories about hard work and great accomplishments. Reading them, people feel a desire to change their lives.


So where to find promising ideas for the new posts in the Life-style blog? Re-read all the eight ideas again. Do you feel inspired? Use them and you will easily fill out a post plan for a year ahead.

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