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Correct and Efficient Posts: Rules of Writing

Designing your account correctly is a sine qua non and a guarantee of how to get more likes and followers on Instagram. Over time, experienced bloggers have created their own unique style and write author, funny Instagram posts full of action. Each beginner faces the internal questions regarding creation of truly efficient posts.


1. Main components

• Picture

• Information

• Text

2. Other important points

• Hashtags

• News feed update time

• Prohibited actions

3. Summary

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Main components

Regardless of the type of account, there are principles of reference that will help you get not only free Instagram likes daily, but also attract new customers and followers. This will help establish sales or ensure effective blogging. They are universal and applicable to any page since they are basic.


A beautiful image gives the first impression. After all, people first pay attention to the image, and not to the text. It should reflect the essence of the offered service or the subject of the post itself.

Photos must be of good quality. Blurry images negatively affect the popularity of the post. The audience loves reviews of good quality, where one can see all the smallest details. The bigger is the photo report on any product, the more confidence inspires the seller, because they are not afraid to show everything as it is and demonstrate the features of the product.

It is also recommended to maintain your unique style. It will make specific entries recognizable and exclusive. It is like building a brand. Humanity has long begun to appreciate dissimilarity and individuality. Mixing with gray mass is the death for a blogger or an online seller.


Followers want to see not only a beautiful background, they want to get information. It can be indicated in the profile header or in the comment under the post itself. This data is on the conditions of the order, payment, and delivery. Also in this category falls the cost of goods or services. If it is not indicated, it is likely that the person will not ask, but will contact the owner of another trading platform.

This category is not the subject of excessive description. It is necessary to inform the potential customers clearly. Every visitor of the page should understand what kind of company it is and what useful they can get for themselves.

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Text support is compiled competently and concisely. It is recommended to re-read it several times before posting, you can do it out loud. It should be easy to understand and constructive. No one is safe from the "mistakes", but everything must be done to save your reputation.

It is necessary to use very accurate expressions that characterize the category as relevant and true as possible. If, nevertheless, there are some nuances, it is better to “underpraise” the goods than to “overpraise”. It is better not to use templates. It shows disrespect to the potential client, but also to yourself.

These tips do not mean that the description should be dry and strict. You can use simple expressions, quotes, and even innocent jokes. Here, as nowhere else, works the principle "the closer to the people, the better". Reputation should be built on a respectful attitude to the buyer.

If a review was left under a post with a question, it is important to answer it urgently, because in anticipation of an answer, a person can use the services of competitors. And you need to communicate with the clientele. The buyer should feel comfortable communicating with the owner of the online store. Often people themselves do not know what they want. But you can help them decide. Every lost customer is a good reason to work on yourself.

Other important points

The basics were listed above, but there are additional elements. They are parts of the whole, and leaving these categories unattended would be a mistake.


About 10 years ago, the hash with text became a hit. Hashtags simplify the search and serve as original markers. With their help, products can be divided into categories in the Instagram store. You can also follow specific hashtags and receive the latest posts in the news feed

The creation of a company hashtag is justified. It indicates the name of the brand and with its help an account will be easy to find. You need to remember: the more posts under a certain hashtag, the more difficult it is to find the necessary posts. They need to be unique and then they will become real helpers.

News feed update time

In order for the posts to be seen by the maximum number of followers, it is better to add them in the morning or after 5 pm on weekdays. At this time people usually return home from work and have some free time. In working or school hours, people are busy with their duties and they are definitely not up to shopping.

You can attract attention even when there is quiet - at night. This is especially true if the target audience is students. On weekends, it is better to post in the afternoon.

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Prohibited actions

In order not to scare the followers, it is important to maintain a live account. The presence of only selling texts and goods or services bothers a lot. It is sometimes necessary to dilute content with interesting informational articles. Lack of regularity and constancy also scares customers.

You cannot overload the post with the unnecessary hashtags. They exist for specific purposes, but some people, not realizing this, add a lot of them and thoughtlessly. Overusing is not worth it. It is also necessary to use Instagram sponsored posts.


Social networks have become excellent platforms for carrying out various activities, such as personal blogs, brands, and online stores. All of them need high quality content. Mistakes in posting can negatively affect the credibility of the account, while the proper design can bring the page to the TOP.

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