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Creating a Content Plan for Instagram

The Instagram content planner will allow to distribute posts during the week and post them at the right time, without adding the first thing that comes to mind. To create a content plan from scratch, you need to follow a number of rules that will be discussed.


1. How to create content for Instagram.

2. What is the content for Instagram.

3. Features of Instagram content.

4. Target audience definition.

5. Planning a content plan.

6. Conclusion.

How to create content for Instagram

Before you start compiling Instagram content ideas, you need to decide on the goal of the profile. The following ones are available on this social network:

• Maintaining your online store.

• Selling services.

• Keeping a personal blog.

• Presentation of the organization, demonstration of its goods and services.

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The goals may also differ (attracting followers, increasing brand awareness, direct sales). To understand how to maintain a profile, it is worth analyzing the accounts of competitors. Examine the records for the last month, record the number of likes, the growth of followers, reach, impressions and engagement.

What is the content for Instagram

It doesn’t matter if you plan to use the Instagram content generator or if you want to do everything yourself, you should know the available formats. This can be an image in a feed, video or text in Stories, a carousel, live streaming, video on IGTV.

Content can be divided into several categories depending on the purpose of the post:

• Entertaining - posts can only be superficially related to the topic of your account. The main task is to increase the loyalty of followers, building reliable relationship with the audience.

• Sales - such content encourages the audience to make a purchase or use the service. This can be a message about a sale, the beginning of a promotion or an advertising post.

• Informational - information about the company is published in the message. Such content can reach a wide audience.

• Expert - expressing professional opinion is necessary to increase the confidence of followers to the company and the product.

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According to the established standards, when compiling content, 80% of the attention should be paid to the entertaining component and only 20% to the seller.

If you are maintaining a blog about the company, you can periodically publish a story, interesting facts, achievements. The entertaining component should be giveaways and contests, reviews, interviews with experts, live streams and interactive programs.

For an online store, the focus should still be on the selling texts diluted with entertaining content.

Features of the Instagram Content

Instagram differs from other social platforms since it pays special attention to the visual component. High-quality photography of the post is a key component of success. For the effective development of your brand, it is recommended to use the services of a professional photographer.

When creating photos, it is important to pay attention to the balance between studio and life photos. The image should be bright and colorful, but excessive gloss can scare the users away.

The text length of an Instagram post cannot exceed 2000 characters. Therefore, it is important to write briefly, but succinctly, especially considering the fact that mostly young people stay on this social network. They are not ready to spend a lot of time reading posts.

Also on Instagram, there are hashtags used to promote the account These are keywords with which people can find the product they need. It is recommended to experiment with hashtags; use the high-frequency, low-frequency and unique words under your posts.

Target audience definition

Drawing a portrait of the target audience determines the strategy of your content. To create it, you can look into the accounts of competitors and get acquainted to the users who leave comments under their posts and put likes to them. So you can determine the approximate age, gender, hobbies, social status, etc.

Next, determine why this category of users needs the advertised products. Depending on the cause, the means of involvement and belief may differ. When planning a content plan, consider the style of the text, the number and time of posting.

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Content planning

You can make a plan for a different time period - for a week, a month or a year. But it is recommended that content is compiled for a shorter time period in order to be quickly adapted to the changing tastes of the public. To create it, it is necessary to indicate the frequency and time of making posts, this is done by the following analysis:

• Determine at what time the minimum number of users is unsubscribed, and when the post receives more responses.

• In what time period are followers the most active (likes, comments, reposts, etc.).

• How often the competitors make posts.

Experts recommend publishing no more than two posts a day. At least one post a day should be mandatory, more - at your discretion. Taking into account the time zone is reflected on the rhythm of life of the target audience.

Create an Excel table that will be ruled by day and month. Develop a schedule and clearly follow it by filling out the cells. Having formed the basis of the content plan, you will only have to adjust it as necessary.

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You can derive the ideal formula for your content plan by trial and error. Over time, you will be able to find the most effective way to systematically promote your own brand, service or company as a whole. The industry is constantly changing, so there are no clear standards, and the extraordinary ideas are welcome.

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