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Earning on Instagram Collaboration

Instagram is one of the most popular social platforms in the world. This site is chosen not only by ordinary people, but also by global brands. The times of "bad-looking" feed sunk into oblivion. Today on Instagram, you can find a lot of fascinating profiles about travels, sports, photography, books, etc. Thousands or even millions of people follow them, and the owners of such pages are called opinion leaders. It is with them that various companies would like to cooperate and promote their goods. Blogging is a well-paid contemporary job. You can get financial profit from the social networks by creating paid content for small and big brands.


  • What is paid partnership on Instagram?
  • When to offer cooperation
  • What to consider when writing a cooperation offer;
  • How long to wait for reply
  • The cost of paid collaboration with a blogger.

What is paid partnership on Instagram?

Getting a collaboration on Instagram with a big company is the dream of any blogger. This can be either barter (exchange), paid advertising with a mention of the brand, or paid product advertising. Let’s analyze each option in more detail:

• barter (exchange) is a type of product advertising with a blogger with no payment in cash involved. The opinion leader receives a product or service from a store, and makes an advertisement in their account in return;

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• paid advertising with a mention of a brand: this type of advertising involves creation of material (stories or post) by a blogger about a specific brand for a certain fee. The Instagram promotion cost depends on the number of followers of the blogger and their loyalty;

• paid product advertising: the blogger receives goods and gets paid for the ads. This type of advertising is most often offered to the big bloggers (from 50 thousand followers).

When to offer cooperation

Officially, a person who has reached the mark of 10 thousand followers on Instagram is considered a blogger. From this moment, the owner of the profile can apply for cooperation with the companies. How to get a paid partnership on Instagram? Write an email with an offer to work with your favorite brand. Millions of people are registered on the social network; brand PR managers cannot know all of them.

Choosing a brand for cooperation is a crucial step. First of all, this company should be liked by the blogger themselves, since they should advertise it. The product should match the theme of the blog. If the profile is about fashion, it can be clothes and accessories, if about cooking - food, kitchen utensils or dishes.

What to consider when writing a cooperation offer

1. Courtesy. Do not forget about the simple rules of communicating with strangers:

• Be polite;

• Use of the words “please” and “thank you”;

• Avoid the imperative forms of the verbs “give, do”.

2. Literacy. It is not pleasant to read a text with errors. An email is a reflection of the author. The brand will make its impression on the blogger based on it.

3. Clear articulation of thoughts. No need to bring up arcane stuff. Reading the appeal should not take a lot of time from the PR manager.

The email should tell about yourself and your account: topic, description of followers, and style of content presentation. The manager of the company will be pleased to receive a compliment on products and quality of service. Advertising services should be offered in a polite manner. Specify the types of advertising services provided by the blogger. It is undesirable to send the same emails to all brands. For each store, it is worth composing a new text according to the prepared plan, so that the appeals are unique.

How long to wait for reply

Big companies indicate the email address in their profile where opinion leaders can send their offers. The turnover of such messages at well-known stores can be huge, and therefore managers are not able to respond with lightning speed. Sometimes the response time is delayed up to 2 weeks. If after this period the company has not responded, it is worth duplicating the email.

Having entered into a dialogue with the brand, the blogger should be prepared for the fact that they will be required to provide statistics. The store needs to make sure that the product is seen by real audience. Not to make them wait, it is recommended to take screenshots from the “statistics” tab in the account in advance. The number of profile visits, reach and page impressions should be clearly visible in the picture. Advertisers are also interested in the geographical location of the audience: country and cities. If we are talking about advertising in Instagram stories, show the statistics of views in this category and taps on the links.

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The cost of paid collaboration with a blogger

There is no fixed price policy on Instagram advertising. Bloggers do not put the price list on public display in their profiles. You can find out the cost of working with a particular blogger only after personal communication or from rumors. As we already said, the price depends on the number of followers, the subject of the blog and the number of services provided. People with the same number of followers set completely different prices. It should be understood that the leader of opinions has earned their reputation for years, being loyal and honest with their audience.

The newbie bloggers are encouraged to offer barter-based collaboration. Such an offer has a better chance of success, because it reduces the risks and losses of the company. No one wants to lose their money. Only after gaining experience in creating the high-quality advertising content and receiving more than 10 reviews from advertisers, a blogger can ask for money reward and goods for an advertising campaign. Do not lose heart, if you get a refusal to the first offers of cooperation, this is just a good chance to try something new. Millionaire bloggers also started from free collaborations.

We wish you success in promoting your account and productive cooperation with the desired brands.

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