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Features of Building and Promoting a Personal Brand on Instagram

Instagram is a platform where one can introduce themselves and their brand. To build personal brand Instagram, you will need to work a lot on the image and promotion of the account. To begin with, you need to determine the goal, study the desired direction, and then proceed with the active actions.


• Why is personal brand important?

• Setting a goal

• Exploring the market

• 5 steps to set up a personal brand

• Choosing audience and niche

• Creating personal image

• Test promotion

• Analysis

• Selecting efficient methods

• Conclusion

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Why is personal brand important?

Promotion of your page will pay off soon if done competently. You can become an expert in any field or an opinion leader. This will help make money on advertising. You can also promote your thoughts and outlook on life. If you have something to say, you should know how to grow your brand on your personal Instagram account. To determine for yourself the feasibility of creating a personal brand, it is recommended to set a clear goal and go towards it.

Setting a goal

Before creating and promoting your profile, decide why you need promotion. Do you want to keep an account for pleasure or pursue commercial goals? If you plan to make a profit in the future, take care of the business plan in advance. In the initial stages, you will also need to find out how to get Instagram likes fast at the specialized services.

Exploring the market

If you cannot decide on the topic of posts, look at the accounts you are interested in. View their entries. Perhaps they will help highlight your personality. If you are a fitness guru, make posts about healthy eating and training rules. With the right approach, this will help to collect real Instagram likes, attract customers and increase the number of followers.

5 steps to set up a personal brand

The importance of a personal brand is difficult to overestimate. This is a great opportunity to find partners, potential buyers, promote and popularize goods and services. By following the rules below, you will succeed in your niche. Do not forget to make considerable efforts to customize and popularize your personal brand.

Choosing audience and niche

When promoting a personal brand, it is important to determine the target audience. Decide who is interested in reading your content. Depending on this, draw up a plan of further action. In the case of promotion, the following types of followers are distinguished:

• accumulators - visual content is important to them;

• killers - such users want to get relevant knowledge;

• researchers - they study every detail, draw conclusions and even write comments;

• socials - a type of followers who follow fashion trends, therefore follow the popular accounts.

Depending on the type of target audience, a promotion course can be selected. You should also consider the additional criteria - age, gender, occupation, hobbies, etc.

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Creating personal image

The best advice is to always be yourself. Do not try to show yourself as who you are not. Posts should be relevant to your work, be useful, motivating, and reveal the essence of the work.

Content depends on how you position yourself. The image must be true. If followers notice cheat or inaccurate data, they usually unsubscribe. Frank lies scare off the reader. Since this is a personal account, do not forget to publish life photos. If you have a family, tell a bit about them. Show how you spend your free time, have rest or exercise.

Make a post plan. It is not necessary to make posts often. The main thing is the quality of information. You need to learn how to build long-term relationships with followers. It is important to communicate with them:

• never delete posts under the posts;

• always respond to followers;

• follow the same style of publications;

• view direct messages - try to reply to them;

• take criticism positively - see what can be improved.

If some accounts write only negativity or go into meaningless disputes, it is better to block them immediately. Otherwise, they will have a bad impact on your reputation.

Test promotion

To mass attract followers, you should make a test post. For this, set up an advertising post with the useful information. Here you can show your creativity to present your brand as well as possible.


Instagram provides extensive analysis opportunities. Here you can see when your posts were viewed most often, how many likes were gained for a certain period of time.

On the tab with information about the audience, you can choose the criteria for determining followers. Depending on the results, you should consider the further way of developing a personal brand:

• a complete change in the target audience and advertising campaign to increase conversion;

• creation of advertising images, as well as the formation of a commercial message;

• selection of an existing target audience to increase the mass of followers.

On the tab with actions, you can see at what time of day your posts find a greater response. So you will understand how often posts should be made, and of what quality. The normal number of likes for a certain period is ten percent from the number of followers.

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Selecting efficient methods

Depending on the results of the analysis, a plan of further actions is drawn up. You should choose the methods of promotion suitable for your case:

• advertising is a great tool to attract a new target audience;

• collaboration - find partners for mutual PR and create mutual content;

• giveaway - involves contests with prizes for the winners.


To achieve success in promotion of a personal brand, it is necessary to put considerable efforts. Choose your direction and take action. The main idea is to find valuable and useful content for your followers. Depending on the reaction of the target audience, adjust the plan and continue developing your niche.

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