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Features of Creating an Attractive Instagram Post

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, which offers its users wide functionality. Instagram posts allow to attract attention to a problem, offer a service, product, or just share your thoughts.

Many people use the social network Instagram not only for pleasure, but also for promoting their brand, goods and services. Someone just actively maintains their page, provides interesting and high-quality content to the followers, gains the audience, after which gets offers to make sponsored Instagram stories. In any case, writing the right, interesting, high-quality, colorful post is a difficult task, but if you follow our tips, you can learn it very quickly. The sponsored Instagram posts cost will depend on this.


1. Distinctive features of an effective Instagram post

  • Photo or video
  • Title and its peculiarities
  • Instagram post text

2. Text design

  •  Paragraphs
  •  Title
  •  How to make the text centered
  •  Use of unusual fonts
  •  Making lists and sections

3. Other parts of the text

  • Post ending
  • Hashtags

4. Conclusion

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Distinctive features of an effective Instagram post

In order for the post to gain resonance, attract attention, it is necessary to work on both the general composition and the eight elements that make up the big picture. Only in this case the desired result will be achieved, there will be more attention to the page, and therefore the benefits of maintaining a social network, too. The following information will help understand how to do a sponsored Instagram post.

Photo or video

A picture is what one pays attention to in the first second. The audience will depend on a correctly selected image to pay attention to, they would like to read the post or scroll it. Instagram refers to those networks where the main component is visualization. With the low-quality and boring photos, even the bright headlines and super-discounts on the offered products will not help. Thus, the audience grows. Although there is an option to buy active Instagram followers.

Professionals advise:

  •  choose a high-quality, clear photo;
  •  if there are several images, process them in the same style;
  •  the correct proportion (the square shape will work best);
  •  the image should cause positive emotions, which means no gloom;
  •  excessive use of filters is not very good.

If these are advertising shots, then it is better to select those options where the product for sale will be visible during its use. For example, clothes or shoes should not just be there, but be worn by the model so that a person can fully see all the advantages of the offer.

Do not overload the picture with the unnecessary details, if you want to show the merits of the product, it is better to indicate one advantage in each photo. Light colors not only work well for the contrast, but also the formation of a positive attitude at the subconscious level.

Title and its peculiarities

This is one of the most important parts of an Instagram post. The tenacious, enticing, intriguing headline makes one want to read the content. Do not make too long, complicated and incomprehensible headlines. Brevity is soul of wit, and if you choose the right phrases, the result will not be long in coming.

Alternatively, you can write the name of the post in the picture. In this case, you should choose a clear font, big letters, a color contrasting towards the background.

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Instagram post text

Despite the fact that many users of this social network prefer watching pictures and videos rather than reading something in the body of the post, it is very important that it performs a number of the following functions:

It inspires confidence: the more a person opens themselves, the more people trust them.

It makes you pay attention, stay longer on it: it works great if the text carries bright emotions, makes you empathize, share emotion. Alternatively, at the end you can make an announcement of the next post.

Gives additional importance to the picture: correctly selected description words to the photo will help to maximize the meaning, improve the readers' perception.

If a photo for an Instagram post can be compared to a beautiful wrapper, then the text can be equal to a tasty and sweet candy. Analyzing your audience is very important. This will help The size is very important. Too short posts can slip through, not be remembered, and too long ones to make the reader tired. The golden ratio means an ideal proportion.

If the text size is about 2000 characters or a bit longer, it is better to divide it into two parts, thereby causing maximum public interest.

Text design

The process of formatting text in a social network is a bit difficult. However, a great desire to make a beautiful design wins, and this, in its turn, allows readers to better understand what is written there.

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If a paragraph has more than 6 sentences, then it is difficult to perceive it due to the large amount of information. A paragraph is equal to a completed thought.

If the post is made using a mobile phone, then you can use a hidden space. Some people use emoticons as paragraph divisions, so the text can not only be divided into parts, but also be made more interesting, turning attention to reviving the written. The main thing is not to overuse it so that the text does not turn into a demonstration of emojis.


You can also use emoticons, dashes and other interesting things, for example, a different text color, to highlight a heading. If you are too lazy to do it all, just capital letters will come to the rescue.

How to make the text centered

Alternatively, you can use the hidden space copying. Before you post a record, you need to check it, how formatting data will be displayed in the feed, if it looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive. You can make a post, look at it, so all the flaws and distortions get more visible.

Use of unusual fonts

If you apply this design option, then the highlight for the posts is provided. To do this, there are special apps where you can "play around" with words.

The following information will be noted: most apps do not make changes for the Cyrillic alphabet.

Making lists and sections

In order to convert the list in the Instagram post, you can use smiles, dashes, emojis. Moreover, this option is great for coping not only with lists, but also with highlighting the main points, sections, paragraphs.

Other parts of the text

We are not done with the tips on how to design a correct, vibrant and attention-grabbing post on the social network. There are some points that you should pay attention to, work on them so that the image looks complete.

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Post ending

Many users emphasize and focus importance of the introduction, a good picture, a bright headline. But they completely forget about the ending, which is very wrong. At the end of the written text, you can direct a person to a specific action, like:

  • purchase,
  • voting,
  • private messages,
  • leaving a comment, etc.

If the post is about selling services, then you can give the contact details for ordering or writing the cost.


Hashtags are not just a stupid feature, and not a waste of time, correctly selected hashtags will help reach a large audience of readers. Even those who do not follow the page and do not know about it, but are offered a post for reading, based on search by hashtags. When they are not there, it’s bad, but spamming is also not very good.

Alternatively, you can enter hashtags inside the body of the article.

It is very important to choose hashtags correctly. It is worthwhile to understand what the post is connected with and choose the appropriate tags.


Based on the foregoing, the conclusion suggests itself: there is nothing difficult in writing a post. The main thing is to approach it responsibly. And if for the first time this process can take a lot of time, then with each new record it will be easier and faster.

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