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Features of Instagram on PC

The 21st century is approaching its middle; time does not stand still. Not so long ago, the main news resources were books and newspapers, nowadays they are easily replaced by Instagram. Here you can find everything - from world news to the selection of any goods for home and everyday life! Various coaches, workouts without leaving home and without a gym, earning money. All these and much more can be found in this app!


  •  What is Direct?
  •  How does Instagram work and more about Direct
  •  Direct messages on Instagram on PC
  •  How to view old direct messages on Instagram
  •  Conclusion

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What is Direct?

Just imagine that initially there was no ability to write messages on Instagram and only during the 5th year of the application’s work, such function as Direct was added. Instagram Direct is a personal correspondence between two or more interlocutors.

It is not possible to send the same message to more than 15 participants. Thus, the program protects users from spam. Direct is confidential, thereby guaranteeing its users the trust and confidence that the correspondence will stay confidential!

How does Instagram work and more about Direct

So, let's figure out what options are available today in the Instagram app and whether it is possible to use them for a newbie user. You can work on Instagram both from the phone, downloading the app, and from a desktop computer. It is enough to register your data by creating a username and a password.

The app allows to add all kinds of photos and share them with your followers. You also have the opportunity to follow your friends, acquaintances or well-known personalities - stars, actors, politicians, bloggers.

Direct is your instant messenger in the Instagram app, it allows to correspond with followers, see if the messages have been read, and delete the unnecessary ones. All this works great in the mobile version of the program. But! Often users of business accounts feel uncomfortable about this way of using the direct.

Is it possible to enter the app from a desktop computer? The answer is yes! And as soon as you need to read messages or use direct, difficulties begin. How to view direct messages on Instagram on computer?

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Direct messages on Instagram on PC

The role of writing messages on Instagram is really very important, especially for business accounts. Direct has an intuitive interface. From banal messages to sales, all these are its functions!

With the help of the direct, if it is a business page, you can make a kind of advertising - sending messages with links to any product or service to other users. Moreover, you have the opportunity to write a full description of the product and attach a photo to it. You can say that direct is an excellent marketing tool that gives its effect immediately after opening the message sent! A person interested in the content can respond and order the selected product or service.

By simple actions, you can use the program for correspondence: visit Instagram from any of the devices, click on the airplane icon, after which you will see a white screen for exchanging messages. But let's figure out how to use Instagram direct message on PC.

The developers created a special PC-adapted app that quickly gained popularity all over the world.

So, we provide options for using Instagram direct on computer:

1. Download the Instagram app for PC to your computer and log in to your account using your username and password. In this paragraph, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the program is adapted only for the latest computer operating systems

2. After logging in to your account, you can go to direct and write a message in two ways: through the user’s account page or directly through the direct menu. All app icons are adapted to the mobile version, so it’s not difficult to recognize them.

3. If the operating system does not allow downloading the new version of the program, there is a way out. There are special emulator programs, upon installation of which, Direct and old messages will be visible. For example, BlueStacks. You need to download the latest version, then install it. If it does not work, you can try another one. You can also download another emulator, for example, GenyMotion. It is less popular, but it works no worse. After entering Instagram, your app will look similar as on the phone, and it will not be difficult to understand the icons.

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The options listed, of course, have their drawbacks. Here Instagram has space to grow, since the mobile version works better at the moment.

Instagram for PC is quite “raw” but using the methods described above, you can go to direct and log in to your account.

How to view old direct messages on Instagram

After you have downloaded the emulator program, you will see older messages, and you can start the new correspondence.


So, now you know that Instagram can become not only a favorite app on the phone, but also on PC.

In the modern world, any technology is developing in a crazy pace. Social networks are no exception. Instagram has become not just another way to show off your photos, but also a successful trend and a place where there are numerous opportunities for everyone! And this is just the beginning! The future lies within such Internet platforms, as theygive thousands of chances to show their talents without leaving home . Do not miss them, because, as it turns out, it is not difficult at all to master all the tools of this app!

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