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How to Become a Successful Beauty Blogger: Full Guide

If it your cherished dream to start your story as other Instagram beauty gurus, why not bring it to life? There are plenty of tools and opportunities for this. This article will be devoted to the recommendations on how to become a beauty blogger on Instagram and successfully promote your page.

A blog is not just a hobby. This is a lifestyle and a chance to make good money. The provision of information services is an ambitious area. As they say, "who owns the information, rules the world." But first, you can try creating your own micro-world with interesting posts and a large number of followers.


1. Choice of narrow topics

• Blog title

• Real theme variations

2. Rules of designing an account

3. Ensuring popularity

• Free ways of promotion

• Paid promotion

4. Summary

Choice of narrow topics

Let’s remember one simple truth: a specific blog topic will quickly gain popularity and audience. But it’s important to be a pro in what you publish. Visitors also need an interesting and colorful presentation, because they can read the ordinary one in the description of the goods, services. It is necessary to be able to characterize the selected object with maximum quality and accuracy.

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Other features on the subject:

• Desire to develop in this area and study new products, be interested in the latest news. Be in trend in general.

• If it’s difficult to decide, you can monitor your follows. This will help to put the puzzle together and look at their chances from the side.

• There is no success without like-minded people. Hence, the topic should be relevant.

• Modern men care for themselves no worse than women. You can stay on the men's line.

It is necessary to have the ability to demonstrate things and speak beautifully. Video content is required. Before recording something, you can practice in front of a mirror or do warm-ups with tongue twisters. On Instagram, the face of a blogger is very important, because it adds to the individuality.

Blog title

It's easy to choose a nickname that will bring success and recognition. You need to take into account the fullness of the page, as well as try to find a combination of words that will be directly associated with the thematic context. Beauty blog names should also be unique, eye-catching, but not too tricky.

You can even use your own name. Only describe it somehow nicely, or come up with a logo. It will be even better than just a domain name. Your imagination should be nourished. There are specialized online services for generating interesting names. If nothing bright and memorable comes to your mind, use such software.

Real theme variations

Beauty industry includes a wide range of categories. Choose one and move forward, developing it. Immersion in the topic should be complete so that followers receive a maximum of useful data and detailed master classes.

You can choose the extensive subcategory "mass-market". This includes all makeup products intended for the general use. That is, ordinary non-niche cosmetics. One way or another, most women can afford not too expensive products. You can review low-cost tools and test them online. Trusting a certain blogger, spectators will draw conclusions about buying a particular cosmetic item.

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If you want to review professional expensive cosmetics, it is important to understand that buying it yourself is an expensive pleasure. You can get samples for reviews for free. Some brands collaborate on an ongoing basis with the experienced and well-known beauty bloggers. It is more difficult, but not hopeless for the beginners. You need to be able to interest and convince the profitability of your page.

Environment friendly and organic products are popular now. This is promising and unusual, because natural cosmetics is finding more and more fans and admirers (there are series for men).

Demonstration of life hacks is also profitable (a method or skill that helps to make a certain action more productive and efficient). They are appropriate in the manufacturing of do-it-yourself care products and in practicing the proper application of makeup. If in the arsenal there are original recipes for masks, creams and other products, then you can not only show the process of their creation, but also sell the ready-made product. The combination of elements of different categories (in this case, public and store) affects the popularity favorably.

Rules of designing an account

Immediately for the first time, it is recommended to determine the plan for filling the feed and distribute the budget. You can even write it on paper. Visualization has always been a good way to achieve the goals. The action plan should be limited to a specific chronological segment.

It’s important to optimize updates: sharing news not too rarely, and not too often. You need to find your middle ground so that followers wait for a new post, but do not forget about the blog.

Do not neglect the page description. Each user, visiting it, must understand that they can find something useful for themselves. This will attract new followers. Another important point is to come up with your own style and always maintain it. It will be like a business card. This can be done in certain style of processing photo and video content or in the manner of writing reviews.

As studies show, a person pays attention to records in their news feed for 0.2 - 0.5 seconds. This means that the post should attract visits to the page. You can come up with some interesting intrigue. Instagram has functionality that helps to conduct an advertising campaign. Entries will be shown not only to your followers, but also to the users who visit similar blogs.

Ensuring popularity

When the activity has just started and the newcomer does not have the finances to promote the account, select on-budget ways of gaining new followers.

Free ways of promotion

You can use traffic from other social networks or ask friends experienced on Instagram to tag the page. You can follow people and thus provoke interest in the blog. It is also possible to take part in the activity chats. Newbie bloggers often create such platforms for communication, exchange the experience and ensure activity in the account.

Holding contests and giveaways. In the conditions, you can write that participation is possible by following and tagging a friend in comments, and the number of such entries is not limited. So very quickly you will gain new visitors and follows.

You can also use hashtags to get likes on Instagram. You can also follow them. Testing the effectiveness of this method is simple: post several records and compare relevance with hashtags and without them.

But the most effective one is getting to the TOP of recommendations. The exact algorithm for choosing posts by the Administration of Instagram has not been disclosed, but it is assumed that it is connected with the interest of users. The more interest they show, the more will the post be broadcasted. But this is an unconfirmed hypothesis.

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Paid promotion

This includes mass likes and follows (automatic subscription). For this purpose, the specialized software is used. But if you violate the limits set by the admins, you can get a ban.

You can go a more humane way - advertise with another popular blogger. It is done for money, but not always this service is on budget. There is still an official ad feature from Instagram, called targeted advertising. You can customize it and vary the number of impressions. The final cost will depend on this.


Blogging is an activity for creative and self-confident individuals. You can’t keep public, because someone does it. This should bring pleasure. A beauty blogger should give advice on beauty and staying young, so it is important to always be aware of the new arrivals at store shelves. If you have time to do a review before anyone else, then you can greatly win on this.

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