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How to Make an Instagram Post Unobtrusive

To get likes for Instagram and, consequently, to increase the brand awareness, the posts must contain a marketing message. This is an effective tool for the business development, regardless of whether you own a large company or a small enterprise.


1. What is an advertising post.

2. How to create an attractive advertising post.

3. Rules for publishing advertising posts.

4. What should be there in the advertising post.

5. The option of writing an advertising post.

What is an advertising post

An advertising post is an Instagram post with a marketing message to the potential buyers. It appears in the feed of your followers and on the hashtag pages. You can either create a post yourself or use the service of the specialized companies. The Instagram promotion cost depends on the goals set (number of likes, sales, growth of followers, etc.).

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Competent Instagram post ideas play an important role in brand development, namely:

• The visual content is perceived by the consumer better than just text. A bright, attractive photo with a short call to action can win the attention of followers. Instagram in this regard outperforms other social platforms.

• The ability to convey information to a large number of people. Up to 500 million people use Instagram daily. This platform has the necessary resource for a sufficient influx of the target audience, regardless of the business segment.

How to create an attractive advertising post

Regardless of whether you promote a personal or a business account, the conditions for receiving real Instagram likes are the same.

• Post beautiful illustrations - low-quality photographs reduce the image of the company and the purchasing attractiveness of the advertised product. If the visual component is lame, the audience will not read the text.

• Publish useful information - a lot of similar advertising messages are published on Instagram daily and just get scrolled. Do not write about your product in superlatives, create useful text containing a description of the product, contact details, ordering rules, etc.

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• Write correctly - check the text for grammatical errors. Typos and inconsistent messages will lead to losing the trust from followers. Read the message several times before sending, your reputation depends on it.

• Demonstrate products during the operation - shoot videos that clearly show the features of the product. Try adding photos of happy customers with the advertised products. This is one of the most effective methods to increase customer loyalty.

Rules for publishing advertising posts

To create an efficient advertising post on Instagram, publish it in a timely manner. If you strictly follow the established schedule, you can attract more users and increase the conversion. Depending on the type of goods sold, a splash in traffic may occur at different times. Experiment and over time you will understand at what time it is better to publish.

A post containing advertising content must be relevant. What is in demand on one social platform may be ineffective on Instagram. Each app has its own audience, interested in certain informational content.

Regardless of what products you are promoting, it is important to demonstrate your identity. Instagram was created primarily for entertainment and no one will be interested in a page containing exclusively advertising information. Emotions should be a part of your profile.

What should be there in the advertising post

Despite the importance of visual design, the description under the post is a tool that can hold the audience. To create an effective advertisement on Instagram, you must use the following:

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• Hashtags are an important component of any post; they allow to bring the target audience to your page. Try to use not the most high-frequency, thematic hashtags, otherwise you risk not to withstand the competition. Your post will be lost among millions of others.

• Product description - tell us about the properties of the product, it can be material, sizes, effects, and much more, depending on the type of product.

• Benefits - why your products are better than competitors’ ones. It is important to convey this to the audience in a clear and simple language.

The option of writing an advertising post

The advertising text should be short, divided into blocks and structured. The usefulness of the product should be emphasized in 2-3 sentences. People are ready to spend no more than 15 seconds on one post, they will not read the text to understand what idea the author wanted to convey to them.

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Alternatively, you can use the following text structure:

1. Headline - catchy, able to attract the audience. Describe the benefits of acquiring your products, concisely, but tersely. The essence of the advertised product should be clear from the very beginning.

2. Bulleted list with benefits - write all the benefits of the product, ideally starting from 6.

3. Call to action - this part of the text should be treated with special attention. You have attracted the attention of a potential buyer, now you need to keep it.

4. Contacts - write a mini instruction on placing an order (write in Direct, call, etc.).


Effective advertising posting can become a powerful tool for business development by delivering marketing information. If everything is done correctly, you can quickly build up and retain the target audience.

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