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How to Start a Successful Instagram Blog

Today, the social network Instagram has become a platform for the news and blogs. The audience gets used to the high-quality content: there is a tough competition among the users from all over the world. The basic rules for a successful account are professional photos, right posing and semantic content.

Instagram is not just an ordinary social network where you can “upload” photos and collect likes - here you need to find your own target audience. In addition, you can start making money on what you like!


1. Where to start: step-by-step instructions to the account management.

• What about the business ideas?

• Photos are 50% of success.

2. Competent page design.

3. What you need to know about writing posts.

4. Conclusion.

Where to start: step-by-step instructions to the account management

Analyze the celebrity accounts: they rarely combine photos with each other, but they are popular because fans are interested in all details from their lives. However, if you do not collect multimillion concerts and do not perform in movies, we would recommend to think about filling the page. To understand how to start a successful Instagram blog, consider the step-by-step instructions:

1. Choose a topic - this is the basics.

2. Choose styles for processing pictures - they should be strictly observed.

3. Browse the pages of competitors or users from whom you would like to adopt something.

4. A profile picture should be stylish and bright.

5. Fill in the personal information, describe the subject of your microblog.

6. Add from 5 to 9 posts: these are enough for the visitors to start rating it.

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For example, you can create a food blog Instagram and upload beautiful photos of dishes, cooking them (perfect if you are fond of cooking). Pages with useful tips, life hacks supplemented with the vivid images are no less in demand. Among the girls, the ideas of makeup, manicure, fashionable hairstyles are popular. Of course, all this is already there - but be original! Make it your own way, add a twist, and your followers will definitely appreciate it.

What about the business ideas?

If your goal is to give life to a business idea, develop your concept. It’s important to decide on tone of voice - a tool that will precisely distinguish your brand from others. It is necessary to create interesting content for your users - for example, tell about product analogs or related products.

The idea should be new and stand out: headlines like “15 ideas of ​​fresh manicure” have long sunk into oblivion. Information easy to find in Google is losing its value. Choose your individual style of storytelling – this either can be done in the first person or act more cunningly: create a brand, character. Do not forget to attach your contacts and working hours, conditions of placing an order for goods and services.

Photos are 50% of success

One of the most important questions is how to edit Instagram photos like a blogger? There is one unspoken rule - images must be combined correctly. This is expressed in identical filters, combining bright and muted details - each photographer has his own chip. According to the statistics, a person pays 0,2 seconds to view 1 post. Your goal is to make these 0, 2 seconds as interesting as possible, to hook up the viewer at first glance, and to motivate them to follow you.

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Images should look cool and be of high quality. Proper editing is welcome. Forget about “Retrica”-like apps - Instagram has long had its own trends. Look at the photos that you like, try to repeat them, adding a little of your own - this will help to save the picture and consider it at your leisure. The search for a visual style will facilitate the analysis of the audience representatives’ pages: their published content, follows.

Learn good handling - this does not have to be an expensive technique. Conduct the layout - the result will surprise you, since combining several objects in one frame sometimes turns out badly. To complement the layout, purchase accessories or decorative elements: sequins, frames, candles, garlands, flowers, cards or bright magazines.

Competent page design

The person who sees your account for the first time should immediately understand the main topic. It should be described in the profile header: briefly, concisely, and interestingly. Add humor - this is the powerful weapon of any blogger. Reading posts written from the heart and with good jokes (the main thing is not to overuse them) is always more pleasant than a dry informational text. To focus on different blocks of information, use emoji. Choose the most concise symbols: arrows, geometric shapes, dots.

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What you need to know about writing posts

Likes and comments for Instagram is a bargaining chip of this social network. Two years ago, page maintenance statistics started changing: the user became interested not only in a beautiful picture, but also in the text below it. Themed blogs on different topics began gaining popularity: psychology, motivation, healthy lifestyle, software, beauty treatments, fashion, cooking, and many others. An analysis of the interaction under the posts clearly demonstrates the appetite of followers: if the text is interesting, it will be read.

Immediately mark your list of topics that you are ready to talk about, put them in the profile header. This will clearly define your target audience. Follow the similar content, stay tuned. Important: you need to publish posts at a certain time. Pay attention to what posts have most comments, what questions are coming in (perhaps you can highlight them well).

The maximum number of characters for 1 post is 2200 characters. Bloggers are actively practicing transferring text to comments or image carousels. But keep in mind that if there is much hype under the photo, it is almost impossible for the newcomers to get to the first comment. It’s more efficient to split the story into several posts or simply shorten it. To prevent your reader from losing a topic of interest, add an individual hashtag.


Keep going forward and work on your profile: just dropping a photo there and writing a few words is not enough. You must be inspired by the idea, bring it to life - and your work will be rewarded by a huge audience and activity of followers on the page.

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