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Instagram Blog As the Main Source of Income

One of the most effective tools for generating income on Instagram is advertising. It is enough to simply place advertising posts in your account. It’s better to look for an advertiser on special exchanges where such cooperation is actively offered to the owners of popular accounts. How to gain followers on Instagram fast and start earning?


• What to start blogging with

• Defining the subject

• Personal blog design

• Account promotion

• Blogging rules

• Text design

• Photo gallery

• Stories

• Conclusion

What to start blogging with

How to blog on Instagram is one of the most common questions. Complex and important work begins long before the creation of the first post. To become an Instagram influencer, you need to accurately determine the topic, concept, understand what exactly your photos will convey to the followers. This can be a personal account, a company page, or an information blog. Further, it is necessary to determine the target audience. It is enough to determine gender and age, but all followers should be interested in the chosen topic. In accordance with it, the main hashtags are selected.

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Defining the subject

The choice of topic should be given special attention. Popular ones include healthy lifestyle, cooking, and beauty. The competition is pretty high here.

Interest is caused by the lifestyle accounts. But nobody will observe the typical life of some office worker. The page should have a unique style, distinctive features. In a way, it should resemble a series. That is, followers should look forward to every new post. In this case, the text should be light, literate, with some humor.

Also, users may be interested in the following areas:

1. Cinema. Here you can post reviews of films, trailers and anything related to the latest movies.

2. Alcoholic drinks. There are very few such pages, but the topic is always interesting to the public. Especially if a person is competent in the field and tells about wine or brandy.

3. Travel.

4. Books. The account may contain reviews, impressions of the reader. You can offer users various collections.

5. Gardening.

6. Life hacks. The audience likes detailed and easy workshops, instructions, tips.

Personal blog design

After choosing the direction and target audience, think of the design of the account:

1. Register an account on Instagram. It is better to come up with a short name which is easy to remember. It should reflect the theme of the page.

2. Fill out the profile. This is done in the "Editing" section. You will have to choose a photo that matches the overall style and theme. Next, you need to fill out the profile header - information that will be primarily visible to the users. You can add contacts, links. We recommend using emojis to brighten the text.

3. Turn a profile to a business account. This will provide access to statistics, expand some features.

Account promotion

If the main goal is to generate income, then you definitely need to go beyond the profile. This will allow to find new followers. To do this, it is enough to leave informative comments to the posts of other well-known accounts several times a day. You can participate in SFS (exchange of references) and other initiatives on interesting pages.

If you need buying Instagram followers and likes, use the Instpromotion service. It will save a lot of time and effort.

When more than a thousand followers are gained, you can arrange mutual reposts yourself. And do not leave the comments of followers unanswered. The number of hashtags should be moderate, there must be a permanent personal hashtag.

With a promoted account, you can go to special exchanges and negotiate with the advertisers. Advertising should be unobtrusive and to some extent consistent with the concept of the profile.

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Blogging rules

Information for the users should be systematized, so a content posting plan should be drawn up a couple of weeks in advance. If any product is promoted, then advertising records must necessarily alternate with the information ones. Users are interested in polls, giveaways, games, contests. Be sure to congratulate followers on the holidays.

The post should be built in the way the reader would like to leave a comment, answer a question. Below go some blogging rules.

Text design

The main text should not look like a solid canvas. The following tips will help you avoid this:

1. Break text into paragraphs. One paragraph - one thought.

2. It is better to use text editors for writing. This will avoid sticking fragments.

3. Emoji should be added where emphasis is important. They can also be used to create lists.

4. The language should be simple and clear, even if the topic is serious.

Photo gallery

The visual perception of information is an important point in maintaining a blog. But to make a beautiful photo is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Previously, you should familiarize yourself with the theory of composition, lighting, and practice photography. On the Internet, you can find free lessons and workshops on creating photos with a mobile phone.

It’s important to consider the following rules when creating content:

1. The right angle. You should not be afraid of experiments here. Any item will look original if the photographer adds imagination to it.

2. All photos are made in the same style.

3. One picture is one idea.

4. It is better to take pictures in reserve. They will come in handy when there is no chance to shoot anything.

5. It is necessary to use backgrounds, scenery.

6. For a change, you can take pictures of beautiful moments in cafes, parks, in nature. Everything will come in handy.

Post daily. It is better to do two posts a day at the same time.

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Do not forget about Stories. They are especially popular among the advertisers. They should not be boring or overloaded with information. For the Story, the plot and sequence of posts is mandatory. You can add music to it as well.


Instagram is one of the most popular and effective ways to promote a business on the Internet. By promoting a product, you can get a constant flow of customers from this social network. Even the profile itself can become a stable source of income. But this requires certain knowledge, temporary and material investments.

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