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Instagram Contest as a Way to Gain followers

Many users of the social networks try to get a larger online audience. This is because active accounts can earn. The more Instagram followers or followers on other social networks, the higher are the earnings of the owner of the page. Instagram means not only cute photos and videos, but also a platform for self-realization and a steady income. Successful bloggers could not only become popular in the real world, but also improve their financial situation. Many users arrange various contests on their pages in order to attract the attention of new followers. It is enough to know how to run a contest on Instagram to increase the number of views and likes for the posts.


• What is an Instagram contest?

• What are the conditions for participation in the Instagram contests?

• Who can take part in Instagram contests?

• What prizes are there in Instagram contests?

• Is it profitable organize Instagram contests?

• Other ways to increase the account popularity

What is an Instagram contest?

There are many Instagram contest examples allowing to increase the number of followers. But it is important that among the future readers there should be accounts of real people, and not only robotic pages that will be blocked soon. Contest with prizes involves the participation of users of a social network. They need to comply with the terms of the competition in order to qualify for the promised prizes. In order for as many people as possible to take part in this event, the organizers need to leave Instagram contest hashtags for the publication.

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What are the conditions for participation in the Instagram contests?

To take part in the prize contest, users must complete a series of tasks. The contest organizer, at its discretion, comes up with the terms of participation. Very often you can see various Instagram photo contest ideas, for example, take a funny photo, take a picture of a certain subject or post a personal photo taken10 years ago.

All the contests on Instagram are aimed at getting new followers. Therefore, the mandatory condition for participation in such contests is following the page of a specific user, as well as a reposting according to the conditions of the contest. Some organizers ask to leave a certain number of comments or likes for the posts, as any activity on the page increases the rating of the account.

Who can take part in Instagram contests?

Usually, anyone who has an account on this resource can become a participant in the contest on a social network. Also, this user must fulfill all the conditions of the contest on Instagram. If it is indicated that one should become an account follower, then they cannot unsubscribe until the winners are announced.

Very often you can run into Instagram giveaways. This is when several users come together and hold a contest among their followers. But to get a chance to become a winner, you need to follow all their pages. There can be 10 people, 50 or 90 organizers. And before the results of the contest are announced, you will have to see the posts of these organizers in your news feed, since you cannot unsubscribe.

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What prizes are there in Instagram contests?

Of course, Instagram users participate in such contests for prizes. Therefore, you should attract the attention of new followers with interesting gifts. And the simpler is the gift, the less conditions the participant must fulfill. The prizes can be money sent to a cell phone number, a certificate for a food delivery service or a cosmetic store, a discount on household appliances or clothes, electronic devices. Particularly generous users are willing to give out expensive smartphones, traveling abroad or even cars. But you need to understand that prizes must match the page level. And if the number of followers is several thousand, giving a cheap gift certificate to any store would be just perfect.

Is it profitable organize Instagram contests?

Of course, holding such events helps to attract a new online audience. But after the followers appeared, you need to keep their attention. Although in any case, some readers will disappear after the results are announced.

You should run such contests regularly, but not too often. Once every 1-3 months is suitable for an Instagram account promotion. In addition, if you give out prizes often, you can spend all money on gifts without reimbursing your expenses.

Other ways to increase the account popularity

If you have no desire and time to run Instagram contests, you can use the services specializing in promotion. For example, the Instpromotion employees can help increase the number of followers, likes and comments. The account owner who needs to increase the rating, needs only to tell what they want, and the experts will do everything on their own. Moreover, the order is fulfilled quite fast, and the price of the service is favorable. The experts know all the secrets of an Instagram account promotion, which are absolutely safe and cannot lead to the page blocking.

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In addition to the services specializing in promotion of accounts on social networks, there are other ways to increase the number of followers and likes. You can use either free or paid methods. But each of them has not only advantages, but also disadvantages. Free methods take a lot of time and effort and can also lead to the account blocking. And paid methods cannot be afforded by everyone.

Instagram contests are a great opportunity to develop the popularity of your Instagram account. This is especially important for those who want to make a profit. But if you don’t want to waste time or don’t want to come up with the terms of the contests, you can use a more efficient and faster way to promote your account on Instagram. This is the help of specialists at the services for promoting social network accounts.

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