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Instagram Online Store: Action Plan

Own online store is a great opportunity for any business, it will not only attract customers to an offline shop but can also become an independent main trading tool. Using Instagram for business is convenient and profitable:

1. There is no need to pay for the development and hosting of the site, spend time on it.

2. The brand’s page is hosted on a popular platform where the main audience is people who buy online actively.

For the store to be launched successfully, the basic knowledge on how to start an Instagram business is needed. It is better to first spend time on the preparatory work in order to further deal with incoming orders.


1. How to open an Instagram online shop

2. Design and promotion

• Analysis of the target audience

• Promotion and advertising

3. Content

4. Requests processing

5. Conclusion

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How to open an Instagram online shop

Only a registered user with a linked Facebook profile can open an online store on Instagram. After that, one needs to come up with a name (brand name). It should be:

• recognizable;

• easy to remember (evoke associations, emotions);

• concise and unique;

• indicate the category of goods - the user must understand what exactly is sold.

The company logo should be set as a profile photo. If you have skills in Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or another graphics editor, you can create it yourself. Otherwise, contact a professional designer.

In drawing the logo you need to consider:

• brand recognition;

• name of the store and its range;

• harmonious colors - it is advisable to use it in future as well to design the page (“brand palette”);

• readable font.

A description is added to the special field, where a unique trading offer is presented briefly and clearly - the advantages and features of the company.

Design and promotion

The tasks of the online storefront are to arouse interest in the product and the desire to buy it, building trust and a positive attitude from followers. It is necessary to strive so that a person who has a need for a certain product or service immediately remembers where they can buy it.

Analysis of the target audience

Target audience - people whom the business is aimed at. These are the potential customers, and the seller’s goal is to convince them to make a purchase in their store and transfer them to permanent status. The strategy of how to sell on Instagram depends on several key indicators - gender, age and place of residence of the consumer. It is also important to consider:

• hobbies;

• marital status, social status;

• solvency level.

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For example, girls can sell clothes on Instagram with more profit. Further, the division depends on the selection - if it is jumpsuits, dresses and clothes for kids, it is worth betting on women 20-35 years old with kids and average earnings. When selling spare parts for cars, the main customers will be men over 25 years old with income above average.

The business owner should make the most detailed portrait of the buyer in order to be able to work with their needs and “pains” (fears), to be able to neutralize negativity and doubts.

Promotion and advertising

Attracting followers is carried out in various ways:

1. Through targeted advertising. A “customer portrait” is useful here - a typical representative of the target audience and a Facebook profile.

2. Purchase of advertising space on large sites, recommendations of popular users.

3. Traffic from other sites - placing links in other social networks, on thematic forums.

4. Using a special service Instpromotion, which allows to buy real followers, gain likes and views. As a result, in a short time and by an affordable price, store statistics improve, the interested customers appear.

Since users of social networks are more likely to join communities with a large number of followers, it is recommended to combine all the methods without violating the rules of the platform.

Non-standard methods and viral PR can be used for advertising, but this method requires great care. It is very important to draw attention to the brand and cause discussion around it, but at the same time not to ruin the reputation. When planning a PR campaign, you always need to remember the key value of a business - its honesty and product quality, it is strictly forbidden to “hit” these points. A more traditional option is to launch a contest or a flash mob.


Basic Rules:

• high-quality photos and videos without extraneous labels, only original product images;

• competent interesting description of each position;

• compliance with the principles of the combination of tones, the use of the "color scheme of the brand";

• using your own templates;

• regular posts.

The description should answer the basic questions of the potential buyer, influence their emotions and arouse the desire to possess a thing. Grammar, punctuation errors are not allowed.

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When adding descriptions and communicating with followers in the comments, it is permissible to use emoji and emoticons, but not too many.

Photos must be processed in special editors, cutting off the unnecessary details and paying attention to the background. The logo of the store should not interfere with viewing and not distract attention, so it is advisable to place it in the corner.

The number of comments below it affects the reach of the post. This is a good reason to make the store’s page “live” and have a dialogue with the reader - arrange an interactive game, call for discussion or just ask a question. With the help of several fake accounts and provocative statements from them, you can artificially cause a dispute in the comments, but this must be done very carefully.

Requests processing

Communication with a potential buyer should be informal, without boring monotonous templates, but still polite. It is advisable to write a “script” for the customer service manager to specify:

• response time;

• literacy and courtesy;

• unique selling offer (the main advantages of the store);

• available special conditions.

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The readiness to complete a deal and become a regular consumer of a product depends on how much a person likes communication with a store representative and the ultimate feeling of being a “VIP client”.


Running an online store on Instagram and its promotion is a complex and multifaceted, but interesting task, in the process of solving it the business owner can learn more about their customers. This is a great opportunity to increase brand loyalty and sales, but for this it is important to properly draw up product cards and process orders.

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