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Instagram Posts as a Way of Making Money

Currently, almost any smartphone owner has the Instagram app installed. Many people start their morning by watching a news feed on their favorite social network or publishing their photos or video. But there are users who promote an Instagram post and make money on it successfully. This app is not only a platform for publishing your own photos and videos, but also a space for generating income. Many bloggers use Instagram as their main means of income. They do not need to go to work every day, and this is a huge plus. But in order to achieve good results, you need to promote an account.


• “The more, the better” is not about Instagram

• Instagram Stories

• Instagram posts deadlines

• Topics of Instagram posts

• Instagram as a means of earning

• Instagram promotion methods

“The more, the better” is not about Instagram

It is very easy to create an Instagram post: you need to add a photo or video, come up with an interesting text and add hashtags. But in order for the number of followers to constantly grow, you need to make interesting posts. It is important to attract the attention of users who will put likes, leave comments and make reposts. Texts for photos can be either short, or you can write longer ones. Although there is an Instagram post character limit: 2000 characters with spaces. Some users cannot fit their thoughts into this restriction and continue writing text in the comments. But not all followers finish reading it in the comments. Therefore, it is better to finish your thought by using less than 2,000 characters.

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Instagram Stories

If there is a need to post lots of information in your account and often, you can use the convenient Stories feature. Stories are short videos lasting no more than 15 seconds. But you can post an unlimited number of Stories in your account during the day. Stories are popular with online readers. In addition, they do not litter the news feed with endless spam. Each owner of an Instagram account may not see the Stories of other users if they are not interesting to them. Stories are often used as an advertising tool, as well as for the announcement of live streams, contests and other important events. In addition, to shooting interesting stories, Instagram developers come up with various functions and tools.

Instagram posts deadlines

Instagram post time also matters. Do not post very often. Experienced bloggers advise not to post late in the evening or on weekends. At this time, there is not a very large number of online users on the social network, and when they return to Instagram, they are unlikely to scroll the feed until this post. But, in addition to the time of post, the number of followers is of great importance. Especially in the modern world, many people work on different schedules, and on Saturday and Sunday do not have rest in nature but stay in the city. And it is possible that during a break from work on a calendar day off this person will visit Instagram, read a new post, put a like and leave a comment. Therefore, statistics will be statistics, but one cannot blindly trust all the tips.

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Topics of Instagram posts

Many bloggers would like to find an interesting topic for posts that would attract a large number of readers. But it is difficult to name a certain subject of posts. It is important for every blogger to find their readers. Instagram discusses various issues. You can become a blogger and speak about your personal life in a funny and interesting way, or you can post photos and video recipes of available products, you can write video reviews on cosmetics, household appliances, you can tell about your travels and interesting places, backing up words with beautiful and vivid photos. Teenagers successfully earn money on Instagram making video game reviews, and middle-aged people can have a blog about gardening.

Instagram as a means of earning

Revenues on Instagram posts come in many different ways. You can open an online store in your account and advertise products and services. But the main income is due to advertising. Advertising agents search in the social network for popular accounts with a large number of followers. For each published post with advertising, a monetary reward is offered. Its size depends on the profile rating. Therefore, newbie bloggers are in a hurry to promote their accounts as soon as possible. Earning on advertising can reach $3000 per post. But for this you need to have a very popular profile with high followers’ activity.

Instagram promotion methods

Each user is trying to increase the popularity on Instagram in various ways. The use of free apps specializing in cheating likes and followers, sending invitations to direct, organizing contests and giveaways, buying advertising from bloggers with a large number of followers - these are not all the methods for Instagram post boost. However, each method has both its advantages and disadvantages. But there is one effective way to quickly increase the personal page rank, which requires minimum financial costs. This is help of the specialists at the service for promoting accounts on social networks. For example, the Instpromotion service is popular among the newbie bloggers. This method is considered one of the most effective and least expensive.

In order for the page to attract the attention of new followers, it is important to make interesting posts on time. Communication with followers is also very important. For example, through comments, you can ask and answer questions. Instagram is a great opportunity to earn money at home, but it’s important to follow the advice of the experienced bloggers.

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