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Instagram PR as a Great Way to Become Famous

Instagram is a great platform where one can not only share photos and videos and chat with friends, but also earn money. With the help of Instagram and other social networks, many users successfully develop a career without leaving home. But to earn a steady income regularly, you need to have a popular account. The account rating may be increased in various ways. There are both free and paid methods, and each method has its certain advantages and disadvantages. For example, buying likes on Instagram should occur through the trusted sources. Many bloggers not only promote their account on their own, but also with the help other users. There are also Instagram promotion services that give a hand in promotion of the page quickly and efficiently.


• Independent and mutual PR on Instagram

• How to promote your Instagram account independently on other social networks

• Mutual PR of an Instagram account

• Why to promote an Instagram account

• Is it possible to gain followers on Instagram?

Independent and mutual PR on Instagram

To get a stable income, you need to develop an account constantly. You can get likes for Instagram in many ways. What to post on Instagram to get likes? In addition to the fact that you need to regularly make interesting posts with beautiful and high-quality photos, as well as to write fascinating texts, you can use other methods. Instagram photo idea should be original and even extraordinary. Posting on your Instagram account should be regular, but you don’t need to post information every hour. In addition, you can advertise your page through other accounts on the social networks, or by contacting other Instagram users.

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How to promote your Instagram account independently on other social networks

If there are accounts in other social networks, it is recommended to use them to promote your Instagram account. It is especially effective when other accounts have a high rating and a large number of followers. The more followers will see information about the Instagram account, the faster will grow the account rating. On the pages of other social networks, you can place a link to an Instagram account, which requires promotion. Usually loving followers quickly help in the promotion of a page on another resources. Many of them are even ready to register there. But when using other social networks, published posts should contain different information and photos. Otherwise, the viewer will not be interested in reading the same thing twice.

You can organize a prize contest. Tell about it in another social network, and in order to attract new followers to Instagram, specify a link to this account with a request to follow as a part of the contest conditions. Usually the prize contests, albeit inexpensive ones, attract many new followers.

Mutual PR of an Instagram account

Many bloggers who have a small number of followers turn to each other for help. Mutual PR is an effective means enough for increasing the number of followers, comments, likes and reposts. Some bloggers organize joint contest. As practice shows, mutual PR helps to quickly increase the number of followers. The advantage of this method of promoting your account is that you do not need to pay money for advertising. Advertising an account by a blogger with a huge online audience will be very expensive. It’s not advisable to order ads from a user with a small number of followers. It is better to offer a mutual promotion to them, that will be mutually beneficial for both users, since it is for free.

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Why to promote an Instagram account

Promotion of an Instagram account is needed in order to make good money. Many bloggers who have a millionth audience easily earn on advertising various things. For some celebrities, the cost of one advertising post reaches $6500. Of course, not all of them receive such amounts. But even $30-50 per post with a photo help to improve the financial situation. Advertising agents offer cooperation to the owners of popular and active accounts. A large number of post views, likes and comments to them, as well as the number of followers is of great importance when choosing an advertiser. Therefore, many bloggers seek to increase their online audience. But it’s important that the followers are real people, not fake pages, which might get quickly blocked by the Instagram administration.

Is it possible gain followers on Instagram quickly?

In addition to mutual and independent PR through other social networks, there are more ways to increase your Instagram account rating. Fast cheating of followers can happen in many ways. Some users involve their own skills to do the promotion. They send invitations for following in private messages or leave comments under the publications of celebrities. But such actions may lead to a block of the active advertiser by the Instagram administration.

Another free method involves using special apps. The user should complete the tasks of the program, and get points awarded in return. They then need to be exchanged for the desired number of followers, likes or comments. This method takes a lot of time and effort.

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You can also use paid methods. For example, advertising an account with a famous blogger. But this is going to be very expensive. There is a cheaper, but no less effective method: contacting services specializing in promotion of accounts in social networks. For example, the Instpromotion service. Specialists will increase the activity in the account and its rating in a short time. And the cost of the service is quite low. Choosing a way to promote your personal page on Instagram, compare all the advantages and disadvantages: time spent, efficiency and price.

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