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Instagram Shadow Ban and Account Rehabilitation

In case of violation of the rules, user content might be blocked on Instagram with a shadow ban. In other words, it prevents the promotion of the account through free channels. As a result, audience coverage is falling, there is almost no chance to attract new followers. At the same time, the functionality of the advertising cabinet stays there. There are several reasons why do Instagram shadow ban.


  •  Key reasons for blocking an account
  •  Ways to rehabilitate the account
  •  Checking account for a shadow ban
  •  Conclusion

Key reasons for blocking an account

Although the operation of the ban algorithm remains a controversial issue, the technical side of the social network cannot deny its existence. Faced with difficulties, some users do not know whats an Instagram shadow ban. What it means is the loss of possibility to be found by certain hashtags and individual posts from the search.

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The user can get a shadow ban for the following reasons:

  •  using the automated promotion services. With the passive participation of the account, without making efforts for its development, it is difficult to achieve good performance and attract a large number of followers. The administration of Instagram recommends using a competent strategy for this. In this case, you need to abandon the bots, giving preference to the high-quality proven services. In order for your posts to receive regular feedback from the audience, you will need a certain number of real followers. Gaining them independently will take a lot of time and will be difficult. More Instagram followers could be gained at the Instpromotion site. The advantage of this service is full security for the account, no password required for promoting a profile;
  •  using the prohibited hashtags. If known hashtags are used for the outdated content, Instagram excludes them, or imposes a restriction on their use. By adding such a hashtag to your post, other tags can no longer be defined. Therefore, the account is doomed to get a ban imposed;
  •  frequent complaints about the user account. If followers submit complaints about the account, the social network may decide that the user makes inappropriate or forbidden posts and violates the rules. As a result, this page gets blocked and sent to a shadow ban;
  •  excessing the limit. There are certain restrictions on follows, posts, comments, reviews made during the day or per hour. This action is quite meaningful. When 100 people start following an account within an hour, most likely these are bots. This helps to easily and quickly increase the number of followers without attracting the target audience. But this tactic can lead to a shadow ban. Thus, showing the content to the new audience gets significantly reduced.

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Ways to rehabilitate the account

To return the account to normal, many are wondering how to end Instagram shadow ban. The losses will be as follows:

  •  Full or partial rejection of automatic promotion systems. To do this, go to the Instagram settings category through a browser on your computer. There is a gear icon on the right side of the “Edit account” button. Then select “Authorized apps”. Then you need to revoke the use of bots.

It’s better when there are a hundred followers who regularly buy your product than a thousand fans who don’t even contact your profile.

Another effective method is a break for a day or two. In practice, it is proved that if you do not use your account for forty-eight hours, the system will automatically reboot. As a result, the content will again be displayed in the search stream.

  •  If it happens that the social network limit gets exceeded and the account falls under a shadow ban, the situation is not too difficult to be fixed. For this, follow the recommendations. Instagram has no general restrictions for the network users. Here, the limit depends on some parameters: the number of followers, how long the account has existed, the quality of the proxy, and also the percentage of the followers' activity. In any case, you should adhere to the following restrictions:
  •  up to forty followers per hour, from fifty to five hundred follows per day;
  •  it is better to unsubscribe from the account in three days after following it;
  •  depending on the criteria of the account, 70-750 likes;
  •  it is better to add up to 250 comments per day.

Checking account for a shadow ban

If the profile is in the ban, you can find out about this by the following factors:

  •  Private posts are no longer displayed by hashtags and geolocations. The tags of other accounts also do not work. For verification, you can publish a post with an infrequent hashtag search. Let several users not following you open this hashtag and find your post. If one of them cannot find it, then the engagement of the account has decreased. In the case of a negative result for both - the account has 100% been banned;
  •  There are no views from hashtags in the content.
  • You can track the drop-in engagement using the reach tab over the past week. If there is a sharp decrease in all directions, these are views, coverage, there was also a violation of the conditions earlier, then this is a ban.

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Recently, in social networks there has been a discussion of the shadow ban concept. Publishing a photo or video content by a user with a specific hashtag will not be visible to other people on Instagram. The author does not receive any messages about this. Having come under the influence of a shadow ban, bloggers can continue to post material, while their actions will not be visible. This suggests the use of inappropriate tools, which violates the rules of the social network platform.

To avoid blocking your account, publish the useful content. It is also better not to resort to the help of little-known and dubious promotion services for attracting an audience. Be creative in posting your information. If your account happens to be under a shadow ban, turn off the automated actions, do not show activity for two to three days.

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