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Instagram Stories as a Promotion Tool

In the modern world, there is no person who does not know what Instagram is, and even more than that, there are not many people who do not have an account there. Many users use this service to post their photos and to view publications by others. This is a social network where you can implement original Instagram story ideas.


  • What is Instagram like?
  • How to create an Instagram Story
  • How are Instagram Stories viewed?
  • Is it possible to limit the list of people browsing Stories?
  • Diversity of accounts
  • Increasing the popularity of an Instagram account.

What is Instagram like?

This is primarily a social network that allows creating a page where you can upload interesting photos, make short videos, Stories and get more likes on Instagram for free. But at the moment this service has undergone many changes, since just admiring photos have become not so interesting and are not a surprise. Therefore, the developers have introduced many innovations that allow to make pictures unusual, fashionable, stylish.

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Not only photos can be posted for general viewing, creating stories from pictures or videos, using special filters, makes the necessary modern accents to decorate your accounts. Instagram story ads can promote this post to be available to many users on this social network.

How to create an Instagram Story

First of all, one has to understand the purpose of the network and why it is needed. These are interesting moments, photos, videos, favorite phrases and pictures that are added to a special section, not appearing on one’s own page that become visible only to followers and friends of the user who made such a post. This post does not need to be adjusted for a long time, apply special filters to improve the quality and so on, since the story will be visible to other people for only 24 hours, and then disappear. This allows to make many interesting posts every day, telling others in such an interesting way about the moods, feelings or showing fascinating moments happening during the day.

How to add music to Instagram story? Using special services, you can make your story much more original, the background music will hide the voices, noise and other sounds that can be heard when making videos. You can create your own background and download a popular musical composition.

How are Instagram Stories viewed?

When creating a new story and publishing it, it moves to the top of the screen and there immediately appears a red ring around it. Users who follow the account with the updated Story can see it by tapping the Story. When one post is viewed, it is possible to view also other stories of people you follow without taking any actions automatically. This feature makes it easy to get acquainted with the new events of your friends, relatives, acquaintances, and you do not need to specifically go to their profile for checking the new events of their life.

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Is it possible to limit the list of people browsing Stories?

If there are such events in life that you would like to share only with very close people, then you can hide your Stories from other followers. This can be done before posting, when being invited to share it with others. In the settings you can find “Share with close friends or individual users”. By checking the box next to the icons of people, there will be a post for selected friends. Each time you can add, update this list and the people who appear there will not know about it.

Diversity of accounts

On Instagram, accounts are created for different purposes:

  • To show yourself, to take a look at others - this is the basis for creating most profiles. Posting photos showing the events from the life of the user, various posts that may be so interesting that they will conquer many followers, Stories, live broadcasts – with all these the Instagram user can please friends, relatives, followers.
  • Accounts by interests are small groups that display different aspects of professional skills, offer their services in different areas, these might be travel blogs, culinary blogs, sports groups and more.

To increase the number of your followers, you can develop your popularity yourself by making interesting posts or using a paid service that will do all the work itself. If the number of likes and comments grows under a photo or video, this can confirm that it is becoming quite popular and, when a certain peak of recognition is reached, it can be displayed in the accounts recommended for watching by other users and followers.

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Increasing the popularity of an Instagram account

You can promote your account on your own, or you can use a paid service that will do the promotion quickly, efficiently. You don’t need to take any actions, offer your followers to rate publications, and when you contact the qualified specialists, you can get likes and follows from real users. By going to the official nstpromotionI site, you can choose the services with an affordable prices. The prices are quite low and allow any user to take advantage of these advantageous offers.

It is not difficult to combine pleasure and earnings on Instagram. Publish not only posts, but also various Stories, they will attract the attention of future followers in a shorter time. But is it fast enough to achieve your goals and start making money online, relying only upon yourself? It is possible, but you just have to be patient, and when using the paid Instpromotion service, you will be able to achieve these results faster without making any effort.

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