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More Instagram Secrets to Learn

Nowadays any person can be found using the social networks. The most popular and quickly developing platform is Instagram. Using this resource, you can keep communication, exchange information, photos and video materials, and what is most important - promote your brand and earn money. The popularity of this network is quite justified due to the numerous advantages.


▪ Main options on Instagram

▪ Gifs

▪ GIFs on Instagram

▪ Hashtags

▪ Going beyond Instagram

▪ Comment filtering

Main options on Instagram

Instagram, like any other popular service, has its own nuances and tricks to be used for the active promotion. This network is actively used not only to create personal pages, but also for business. Developers often introduce new features.

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Some time ago, a new option was introduced to the users: they added the function of publishing animated pictures and images GIFs to the Stories. Previously, files in this format were an excellent substitute for the videos. Today, GIFs are again at the peak of popularity, which was preceded by the emergence and quick development of social networks. One of the most popular and trendy ways of presenting information is posting GIFs. Using them, one can convey feelings, emotions, share their own experiences. This will increase audience reach and profile activity. Today, everyone knows that GIF is a fairly effective technique for increasing followers and attracting new interesting offers. Can you post a GIF on Instagram? This question is asked by many users. If you have long wanted to “bring life” to your profile, there is a great way to do it.

GIFs on Instagram

Using the Instagram GIF animation service, uploading GIFs to Instagram is quite easy. When creating GIFs, use the minimum number of colors. This will significantly affect the size of the animated file. Remember that gifs are important for successful uploading to the site, but as applied to social networks, in particular for Instagram, there is no value. When you add GIF to Instagram, such sites compress files automatically. Each profile owner, if desired, can post a photo or video on Instagram. But with posting of GIFs, everything gets much more complicated. After you have selected a file in the gallery, it will be presented in the feed as a still image. To avoid this, there are several ways to make GIF from Instagram video. To do this, you first need to convert the GIF file to the video format supported by the mobile device. There is a Giphy service, which represents a huge repository of files in this format, you can choose any cool picture. Using this service, you can convert the required Instagram GIF size to the MP4 video sequence.

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They can be called the main feature of Instagram, because they appear to be the communicative means of this social network. What role do they play? They are an integral part of the Instagram network, representing an interesting directory. To search for photos on this resource, words or phrases enter words or word phrases preceded by #, for example, #dog or # nature. Using this method, you can find all the pictures on a given topic that the authors of these hashtags have noted. In addition, you can find the top popular hashtags. Using such a search system, you will quickly find the necessary pictures, as well as tag your own ones so that users visit your page and follow it. The fantasy is endless: you can invent something original, indicate the brand name, etc. - one click on the hashtag, and in a few seconds the photo content will be detected.

Going beyond Instagram

This way provides great opportunities for posting content on pages of various resources. You can publish snapshots of your account directly to any corporate website. By doing this, you will be able to get a clickable Instagram photo, where a link to your account will be posted. It becomes available when you open the necessary photo. Tap on the “three dots” icon, and then “Embed”. A window with the active link that you want to copy will appear.

What is it for? Pictures from the Instagram network are used for different purposes, for example, summing up the results of the contest, as well as choosing photos to cover important events. Those photos that were added in this way can save the likes and web address of the account. Pictures can also be duplicated directly from the feed. But then, you get a picture without likes and comments. It is also available on the smartphone thanks to the special apps.

Broadcasting the photo stream of the most popular images can occur in your account or be posted on the corporate website. This method will help increase the interest of visitors to your resource, as well as increase the number of visitors, which will positively affect the development of the brand. All the intricacies of the programmers’ work should not take up personal time. It is enough to know that such an option exists.

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Comment filtering

Celebrities who often hear unflattering criticism often resort to this technique. For example, you are tired of indecent comments or advertising. An option to check comments will come to the rescue. As a result of the inclusion of this function, negative information will disappear automatically. To connect, go to the main profile page, and then go to settings. In the “Comments” tab, check the box “Hide inappropriate comments” and indicate a list of words that you do not want to read.

All of the above features will help create a positive reputation for your brand on Instagram. Now you have full information about the app to attract the target audience.

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