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Removing Followers and Growing Useful Instagram Audience as Two sides to the Coin

Not always having a large number of Instagram followers is good. Weird enough, but with the increase of followers, the activity under your posts decreases. In this case, the account receives much less attention, expressed by less likes and comments. This situation indicates that it requires “cleaning” by removing fake, inactive followers.


1. Removing Instagram followers: a necessity or a waste of time?

• 1. Bots and the inevitability of deletion.

• 2. How to identify fake followers

2. Nuances of deleting Instagram followers.

• 1. Selection of candidates for deletion one by one.

• 2. Who and how can remove followers.

Removing Instagram followers: a necessity or a waste of time?

How to grow Instagram followers organically? Under the described conditions, it will not be possible to successfully conduct business in the social network, to promote yourself (as a specialist, for example), any services or goods (such as supporting marketing sales and introducing a new TM on the market). An increase in the number of Instagram followers is necessary.

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Bots and the inevitability of deletion

In the context of growth of the social network Instagram, a large number of bots, that is, not real users, can start following your account. They have to be identified on time in order to be removed from followers for clearing the statistics of the account and thus improving the level of active followers interested in the Instagram account.

The rules for removing unnecessary bot followers include mandatory quantity control. It is worth to remove not more than 500 followers per day. At the same time, it is necessary to work on increase of truly devoted followers. Only with the simultaneous observance of these two conditions, it will be possible to optimize and activate the Instagram account. Such positive changes in the popularity of your Instagram will definitely entail a chain reaction of a progressive increase in followers.

How to identify fake followers

In order not to be mistaken with the removing and to delete only fake accounts, take time to analyze your audience. Find those who respond to your posts.

What interests the person has, how much information can be obtained from their Instagram - these are the data that will clarify the situation. If the calculation was for one group of people, and the other reacted, change the audience before it is too late. In this case, be sure to remove the undesirable parts of the Instagram audience.

Absolutely inactive accounts with a clearly small amount of information should be deleted. As already mentioned, you need to do this only with a simultaneous increase of the audience of your thematic, personal or other type of Instagram account.

Nuances of deleting Instagram followers

You can delete suspicious, “dead” accounts that have started following you by selecting them in various ways. Any of them is efficient.

Selection of candidates for deletion one by one

If you aim at development and reach of your Instagram audience, do the unfollowing Instagram followers who participate in a many groups. Why? The answer is simple: it is difficult for an ordinary person to follow all the news of several hundred accounts and to read, see the new information presented there every day. When an account shows a large number of "interests", it may be worth removing it.

When you find a fake that you need to get rid of, tap the menu icon in their profile looking like three vertical dots. In the drop-down list, select "Block". In this case, you will not see each other's actions. During a single deletion, the follower’s age, their gender, preferences and interests should be estimated. You also need to remove those uninterested followers who only wanted to get following in return.

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Who and how can remove followers

Removing fake followers from your Instagram account in the manner described above is possible only if one condition is met - a closed type of account is required for this. Thus, it will be possible to get rid of the unnecessary followers without notifying them about it.

Deletion algorithm:

• go to your "Followers" section in your profile;

• opened an account of a candidate’s for deletion and select the necessary line, tap the icon with three horizontal dots (for Android OS) or three vertical dots (for IOS);

• select the “Delete” sub-item.

But for the users, Instagram removes fake followers itself as well. For the creators of the network, it is important to get rid of fake people on Instagram, that is, from bots. Cheated followers / likes / comments will be “monitored” and “sifted” in the network, therefore only when using the proven services that keep up with the progress can you count on the correct and competent increase in your audience, for example, at Instpromotion.

Since an increase of 1000 Instagram followers can be achieved in different ways, the administration of Instagram wants to get a more honest relationship between its members. This is another reason to get rid of the so-called fakes.

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It is recommended, in case you suspect participation in some kind of fraud, change the password of your account and check other contacts. If you find unnecessary, incomprehensible apps, it may be the right decision to remove them.

The consequences of the growing popularity of the social network Instagram are not long in coming: as a result of this progress, the percentage of active followers to their total number begins to fall sharply. This leads to an inevitable decrease in “quotations”, that is, your interesting photos on Instagram will be seen by a small number of people. Thus delete the unnecessary followers with no regret.

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