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Secrets of Instagram Contests: How to Gain New Followers Thanks to the Gifts

Have you already gained the first couple of thousands of followers and would you like to increase their loyalty? Or do you need to attract new users to your account? Instagram contests will help to achieve the goal.


1. What is giveaway

a. What gifts can be there

2. What types of contests are there?

a. Tags under the photo

b. Likes to posts and stories;

c. Mentioning the account stories;

d. Creative contests;

3. How many followers can one get

a. More numbers.

What is giveaway

Giveaway is a contest with valuable prizes, services or money held on Instagram. The essence of the contest is to encourage users of the social network to take action by the organizing account. This can be following, comment, repost or mentioning in stories. The rules depend on the value of the gift and the desired number of new followers.

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The giveaways boom occurred in 2016. On the network at every step you can meet an account playing out a bread machine or Italian bags. However, due to the stricter Instagram rules, such groups had to cease their activities. Contests with 40 sponsors are no longer as effective. They were replaced by personal rallies, which are held directly in the blogger or the store account. Any user can run a Instagram contest. The main thing is to have an active audience and a gift for it.

What gifts can be there

● any product from the store;

● free service (training, manicure, horse riding, etc.);

● discounts on a product / service;

● advertising from a blogger;

● travel or tour;

● tickets for the event;

● cards with personal wishes from the influencer;

● popular household equipment;

The choice of a gift is up to the organizer. It is necessary to consider the ratio of the value of the prize and the possible arrival of the audience. In smaller accounts (up to 10 thousand followers) there is no need to give an iPhone. You can give the gadget, but a million new users will not join you.

What types of contests are there?

There are many options for how to win a gift among the followers. The best Instagram giveaway ideas have been tested by bloggers and commercial accounts. We will analyze each in detail.

Tags under the photo

This is one of the most popular Instagram contest formats. This method allows to bring the post to the TOP, as it receives more activity from followers. This option attracts more participants, because it has simple conditions.

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How to:

1. Publish a post with information about the competition.

2. Encourage users to tag friends under the photo.

Note! It is necessary to state how many friends they need to tag. It is worth mentioning the ban on marking shops and fake pages. It is also necessary to mention that to participate one must be a follower of the account.

3. Wait for the final date of the competition.

4. Choose the winner using special apps or the happy finger method (scroll the comments and tap on any randomly caught ones).

5. Send a gift.

Likes to posts and stories

This kind of giveaway is very typical among popular bloggers. Its advantage is the convenience of choosing a winner and protecting participants. Users are recorded in stories by voting in a poll, which allows to keep all the nicknames in one place. Instagram can delete comments under the posts, but not voices in stories. Users need to put likes to the blogger posts, as well as vote in the survey. The winner is selected manually.

How to:

1. Create a story with the announcement of the contest.

2. Add a survey to it. Fill in the response fields with a “+”. Move the survey to a corner, hiding one of the options. Users should be able to vote only for "+". If people can choose a different answer, this will lead to confusion.

3. Specify the rules in the story.

4. Choose a winner using the happy finger method (random).

5. Check for likes under the photo.

6. Send a gift.

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Mentioning the account stories

Recently, this type of contest is not in high demand in the social network. The fact is that people are not ready to clog their stories with giveaways. Many do not want to give out their secrets and show that they participate in the giving free prizes. The Instagram engagement can be increased by the giveaway with mentioning in the account Stories of someone having a strong reputation and fame. Unfortunately, not everyone is ready to share information about the little-known brand. Much nicer it is to say that you want to win a tour to the Maldives, rather than a free t-shirt.

Choosing a winner is also inconvenient. The organizer will have to look through a lot of messages in Direct with tags, and then select the winner using the “random tap method”. You can simplify the task by asking participants to leave a comment under the post. In this case, it will be possible to use a special service for giveaway.

Creative contests

There are no restrictions on this type of contest. It all depends on the imagination. You can ask users to make a collage dedicated to the brand or the blogger, or to announce a competition for the best photo with the goods from the store. Recently, an option has been popular with inventing an original comment. Participants need to write the funniest and most memorable name for the photo / video. The most creative person wins.

How many followers can one get

The number of participants depends, first of all, on the initial number of followers. The more people participating, the greater is the percentage of the audience reached. Most often, 10-15% of followers take part in giveaways.

More numbers

If there are 5 thousand followers in the account, 500-750 of them will take part in the contest. Further activity depends on the number of followers for each of the participants. In the contest with limited tags under the photo, everyone will bring 2-3 people. Not all of them will remain. It is also worth considering that many users will unsubscribe at the end of the contest. At best, 1,500 people will come, at worst - 500-700.

Note! These figures are random. The result of the contest depends on many factors: the value of the prize, the number of participants and their further activity.

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It is recommended to regularly remind about the contest in Stories, as well as launch targeted post advertising with an announcement to attract target audience. You can start using these Instagram contest ideas by reaching at least 2 thousand followers on the social networks.

Personal contests and giveaways will hold a popular position for a long time. The style and methods may vary, but the giveaways will still be with us. People will always want to receive a gift. Therefore, do not hesitate, try to conduct your contest, getting new followers and increasing the audience loyalty.

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