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Three Pillars of Success: the Secrets of Successful Instagram Blogging

Star bloggers occasionally share the secrets of their success. For some of them, it is the systematic boost Instagram followers that helped, others are more focused on analyzing content, or relying on mutual reposting. It makes sense to adopt such an experience, but only after a detailed study of the "pillars" of the popularity of the top accounts.


• "Three pillars" of success

• Regularity, timeliness

• Consistency, photo and text compatibility

• Smart feedback

• Confessions of top bloggers

"Three pillars" of success

There are unspoken rules that allow to get more Instagram followers. They can be called the 3 pillars of success, i.e.:

• regularity of posts, coverage of topics on time;

• sequence of judgments and actions, correspondence of photos and text;

• smart feedback.

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If you understand the essence of each item and learn keeping to it, then any your account, either personal blogs about life or Instagram accounts with video tutorials on makeup, will be actively visited.

Regularity, timeliness

Successful Instagram bloggers are forced to live on a schedule to maintain their popularity. Especially those focusing on live streaming. If you ignore this point and rely only on the quality of the material, ignoring the number and frequency of calculations, then readers will just have time to forget why they have followed this account. As a result, the outflow will begin.

Encourage followers to wait for yourself. Let them know that posts and live streams usually occur on certain hours and days. At a psychological level, this information will help to form a group of constant followers. People will subconsciously start adapting to the schedule of their beloved blogger and share their feelings or expectations with the others. As the live stream time approaches, the number of visits to the page will increase.

You also need to be able to “feel” the time, post topically relevant material and try to do it before the topic turns boring. A news or event starts causing not so much interest but more unjustified irritation at a certain stage of being reposted. And the reader will let their emotions on the account owner, who, in fact, can only be blamed for not guessing the right moment.

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Consistency, photo and text compatibility

We must strive to maintain a certain image. It consists of posted pictures, texts, responses in comments. If the information there is contradictory, mutually exclusive, then there will be many accusers. They will point out that six months ago, the account owner had a completely different opinion on the issue, and now they just “changed their shoes” to please someone or something. Well, they can also say that the pictures not only do not confirm what has been written, but make the reader doubt every word.

Such negative comments in the initial stages of the blogger’s career are particularly damaging. To avoid it:

• make sure that the images in terms of content and quality are consistent with the image of the account holder, as well as combined with text information and do not contradict it;

• understand what a regular audience is waiting for (you can track the “success” of previous posts);

• do not change your opinion on important issues, and if you deviate from what was said earlier, explain your behavior, state the reasons.

Some top Instagram bloggers go even further and keep a diary of their account. There they reflect not only the effectiveness of the posts of the day, but also record the positions shown by them personally. Such a diary allows to quickly navigate and say what the constant followers would like to hear, see or read.

Important! You need to surprise, as well. But learn to do it gently. For example, people perceive the outfits not typical for a particular blogger really well. Especially if the account holder emphasizes that what is shown today is a one-time breaking of the rules, done just for fun. However, a sharp change of style, tastes, positions is more likely to do more harm than good.

Smart feedback

It is believed that the hardest thing is working with people. In the 21st century, this postulate is outdated. Today, the most difficult thing is to establish and maintain communication with the Internet users. You need to be prepared for the fact that under any, even the most harmless picture, there is a hater. And if so, then every photo, regardless of its contents, could theoretically become a battleground.

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To prevent this, it is important to remember:

• One negative comment does not yet say that the person who wrote it is a hater. It is possible that this is a regular follower. Just it wasn’t their best day, and therefore they redirected their annoyance to the blogger they like. If so, there is no need to limit their access to the page. Who knows, maybe 1/100 of all the likes you get is theirs?

• Not every comment needs an answer. This contradicts the basic rules of promoting blogs, especially at the initial stage, but it helps avoid the dirt and war in the messages.

• Do not bring followers to the boiling point. You must be able to see the moment when the situation requires immediate intervention.

The last item on the list needs to be considered in more detail. For example, from time to time, every Instagram celebrity encounters a wave of discontent appearing from nowhere. With the criticism, they act as follows:

• Give one detailed and emotionally neutral answer in the comments. At the same time, they do not contact everyone personally, not to offend the regular followers.

• Use what has happened as an information reason.

You can and should take an example from such celebrities. It is useful to avoid turning the situation to the personal conflict (general answer). It is correct to exclude the use of emotionally colored vocabulary (emotions will cause even more emotions). It is good to perceive what happened not as an insult or a doomsday, but as a reason for creating and distributing new content. People are excited, people are “hooked” with the topic, you need to use this moment.

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Confessions of top bloggers

Secret 1: Itsdougthepug is a dog’s account. And it has almost 4 million followers. How did it manage to gain 60 thousand regular readers in just one evening? Thanks to a collaboration with Justin Bieber.

Conclusion: there is no need to urgently run to Justin. Just don’t be shy to use cross-promotions and be unique. Many top bloggers will be interested in the possibility of cross-referencing, especially an unusual one. It’s not enough just to wear a T-shirt with a face; beat the situation unconventionally. Cosplay (including mass one) or a cartoon portrait - this can already be a “hook”.

Secret 2: Watts.on is an account about everything and about nothing concrete. It seems surprising that such Instagram account is popular today, but the ratio of the number of posts and followers speaks for itself.

The owner of the profile honestly admits that he started his journey with a partner. Mutual reposts and likes allowed to reach a much bigger audience.

Conclusion: promote your account using other social networks. Repost yourself. It will not be superfluous to make friends with other bloggers. Let them share your pictures and videos constantly, give links and emphasize that they are friends with you. Even if this friendship is just a good actor’s game, it will still be interesting. Strong relations look attractive.

No man is an island. Raising a blog to the top is easier when there is help from friends, celebrities ready for mutual mentioning, or a promotion service. With such help, you will only have to keep to the three pillars of success: regularity, consistency and feedback.

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