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To get Instagram views is no less important than the followers’ activities in the form of likes. They help determine how the number of your account followers correlates with the size of the real audience, who sees your posts and videos, watches Stories. For cheating views, use a specialized service that will provide a high-quality traffic.

Why cheating of views is so important

The social network perceives views as live traffic, do not forget about this factor with a proper cheat. Therefore, every profile owner sooner or later has a question about how to get more views on Instagram, in order to stimulate the growth of real audience. These two indicators are interrelated. Cheating increases the number of views, and the social network starts recommending the more often viewed posts to other users. It will turn out that the number of views will be much bigger than you have purchased.

The social networks are careful to ensure that their services are used by real people, not bots. If you only boost up the number of likes and it will not be comparable in number with the views, such statistics will look weird. There is an average ratio of views to likes, with a proper cheat, everything will look natural.

For some posts, cheat of views becomes especially relevant, first of all it concerns videos. Users see exactly the number of views, and not likes, in the feed under such posts, so pay attention to it. This is where the psychology of people works. They see that the video is in demand, and with high probability they would like to watch it as well. If an account is used for earnings, all of these factors become of double importance, since the increased views will lead to the increase in income.

Advantages of our service

To make the result worthy, you should buy Instagram views in a trustworthy place. Our service has proved itself really well and it has the following advantages:

• increasing the likelihood of posts getting to the TOP;

• loyal attitude of the social network to the profile with an active audience;

• flexible pricing policy;

• high quality traffic;

• increasing the real audience in the account.

Each user wants his posts to be in the TOP with enviable regularity. This contributes well to the promotion of business, leads to an increase in income. The TOP does not always include posts with excellent photos and videos combined with high-quality text in the description. Using the service specializing in cheating will help to get to the TOP regularly, so that a large number of new followers will be attracted. Promotion of a profile requires investments, and expenditures on boosting up the views number play an important role.


Due to the high quality of service, cheating Instagram views will help to achieve a real result. You can purchase different packages of services, depending on exactly what quantity is required in a particular situation. Even a small number of additional views will have a positive effect on the development of the profile and its attractiveness for the followers.